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Karen is happy to travel anywhere to teach these amazing workshops! All workshops below are orgnized to be taught over 5 days, but can be modified to suit your schueduling needs. Thank you! 

 Past Life Wisdom

One of the most important areas of personal study is past life understanding. It is not simply about who you were, or where you lived, instead a better question is: what can you learn from your own past lives? Each one of us has lived previous lifetimes, and each lifetime is necessary in the growth of your soul. By understanding the gifts and challenges of the past, you can be better informed about how to live in the present. Your past life emotions and behaviors still subconsciously influence you today, that is until we can examine them and transform them into present life purpose.

Your past lives influence everything from your choice in relationship partners, to the clothes you pick out. Much of your past life experience is very helpful, and the process of understanding your past life patterns, helps you determine what parts of your past life energy are still helpful to you today, and what parts are better to leave in the past. Working with your past life patterns gives you the opportunity to boost your past life gifts and talents, while simultaneously transforming your past life fears into important focus points for your present life purpose. In order to accomplish that deep level of understanding, I will discuss the following topics in-depth:

  • How the Past Life Patterns system developed
  • Introduction of all 16 Patterns
  • Difference between reactive and proactive expressions of each pattern
  • Gifts and talents associated with each pattern
  • Common challenges connected to each pattern
  • Ways in which our patterns can show up in childhood
  • Guided writing exercises to help audience members connect with their own past life gifts
  • Deep dive into fear to help attendees extract past life challenges
  • How to transform those past life challenges into points of focus for your life purpose

There will be a guided meditation each day to assist with the daily topic.

Upcoming Workshops:

  • Beijing, China in Spring 2021
  • Seattle, USA in Summer 2021
  • Calgary, Canada in Summer 2021
  • Shanghai, China in Fall 2021
  • Hana, Hawaii, USA in Winter 2021
  • San Diego, USA in Spring 2022

Registration information for workshops will become available in mid-2020. 

Chakra System

The chakras are miniature libraries, holding onto important information from our past. Each chakra is a gateway to emotional information from our past life and present life history. When we can understand what our chakras are revealing to us, they can be read and interpreted just like a database. Each chakra has its own area of knowledge and is aligned with the energy of specific colors and healing crystals. There are many qualities to the chakras to examine: size, shape, placement, extension, color, and spin. When we understand each of these qualities, we can not only determine if a chakra is unbalanced, but also discover what has caused it to be that way. Once we have revealed the sources of disharmony in the chakra, we can extract those sources, and restore the chakra to harmonious balance and health.

The health of chakras is a window into our emotional and spiritual health, and the chakras can also be connected to physical conditions in the body itself. Being able to diagnose the harmony of the chakra system gives amazing insights into what is occurring on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. With the new increasing energy on Earth, we have shifted our body up to align with new chakras. To understand this shift, we must understand both the traditional and emerging duties of our current chakra system. The more we learn about our chakras, the more we understand about ourselves and how we interact with the world around us. In the chakra workshop, we will conduct and in-depth exploration of the following:       

  • What are the roles of each chakra
  • Crystals and colors that pair with each chakra
  • Why the chakras are changing
  • How our bodies are experiencing the chakra changeover
  • Diagnosing healthy and unhealthy chakras
  • What information from our past lives and present life is stored in the chakras
  • How past life energy affects the chakras
  • What other circumstances affect the health of the chakras
  • A demonstration of how to perform a chakra clearing

The workshop attendees will also have a guided meditation each day, and all will receive a full chakra activation as a group on the final day of the workshop.

Upcoming Workshops:

  • Beijing, China in Spring 2021
  • Beijing, China in Fall 2021
  • Seattle, USA in Fall 2021
  • Sedona, USA in Fall 2021

 Registration information for workshops will become available in mid-2020. 

 Emotional Well-Being

Information coming soon...

Channeling & Soul Streaming

Information coming soon...

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