Work with Karen Downing

Karen Downing offers a variety of one-on-one classes, sessions and personal coaching programs. Please read more about all of the different ways Karen can assist you in living your soul mission. Thank you!

Are you seeking assistance with the development of your spiritual goals? Karen offers private coaching courses for past life awarenss, intuitive development, mediumship, channeling, clairvoyance, ascension support, and so much more. Whether you are not sure where to begin, or already have clear goals in mind, Karen can work with you to create a individualized package of sessions. 

There are also shorter one-on-one sessions available. You can book your 1-hour session on past life patterns, ascension support, intuitive guidance, and much more.  Learn more about private study and sessions here. 

Are you interested in discovering how each of the past life patterns has shown up in your soul history? You carry a unique mix of past life patterns; typically 3 to 5 of them. However, you have lived each of the patterns, at least once. We will talk about all 16 of them, but only look in-depth at those that are influencing you the most. Sale price is for both Past Life Pattern Discovery and Transforming Past Life Patterns taken together. Learn more here. 

After Past Life Pattern Discovery, Transforming Past Life Patterns is the final step in the past life healing process. During this intensive program, Karen will work with you one-on-one for 6 months to help you clear, release, heal and transform your specific mixture of past life patterns. We will tune into your progress all along the way, to ensure you are truly learning from your past life patterns, transforming your life, and building up on your positive gifts. Sale price is for both Past Life Pattern Discovery and Transforming Past Life Patterns taken together. Learn more here. 

NSoul Streaming is the modern form of Channeling, designed for our higher vibe planetary energy. In this 2-hour course, you will be introduced to the concept and practice of Soul Streaming, learn how to secure your connection, meet the Higher Energy working with you, and we will meditate together to activate your Soul Streaming column of light. This is the first course in a series.  Learn more here.

Need some guidance in how to put your Soul Mission into action? Soul Mission Mentoring helps you do just that. We start by identifying the roots of your talents and challenges. Then we work at building up your strengths, and using uniquely tailored methods to boost your confidence. Lastly, we take time together to create and implement a plan, so that you can share your Soul Mission and make a difference in the lives of others.   Learn more here.

5-Day Intensive Program is customized for you, your gifts and your spiritual development process. It is 35 hours of in-person private instruction. There are a wide variety of topics we can cover based on your innate talents and interests. Each day also includes meditation and a healing session. Learn more here. 

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