Transform your Past Life Patterns into focus points for your Soul Mission...

Your past life patterns contain very important information about your Soul Mission. But (and this is a big But), those same past life patterns are also the source of your deepest fears.

So, what does that mean?

Well, it means that your past life patterns are the key to living your Soul Mission!


By transforming your fears into focus,

And, by embracing the positive qualities and expertise you ALREADY have.

Yes, you do have expertise!!

But, you just might not recognize that it is anything special at all.

Let me explain...

Uncover your Hidden Influences

Now that you know your specific Past Life Patterns, we will dive deeper in each one and uncover all of your hidden influences. Based on what you have done before, you have built up both expertise and fear. It can be difficult to see those fears and talents, as they often cannot be separated from how you see yourself! Learn to pinpoint the voice of these hidden influence so you can bring them to light and use them to help you move into your Soul Mission.  

Transform Fear into Focus

Your fears come from situations in the past where you were close to reaching the goals you set for yourself, but something happened to stop you from reaching them. Throughout your lifetimes these experience formed a pattern of belief, a belief that sits in yours subconscious and tells you why you think you will not be able to do something. BUT, that same energy can also be the source of incredible strength. You will learn how to transform your fears into points of focus.   

Boost Your Innate Expertise

Locked away inside your Past Life Patterns, is expertise from what you have done before. Based on your patterns, you have a specific way of interacting with the world. That is one of your biggest talents. Once you can embrace that you indeed have a unique and different viewpoint to contribute, we work at connecting the expertise of each of your patterns, so you can incorporate those strengths into your Soul Mission.  

What you Get

  • 12 2-hour sessions (2 per month)
  • membership in the monthly meditation program
  • Unlimited questions (on any topic) by email during your study period
  • one follow up session after your program is complete, to check on your progress.

Transforming Past Life Patterns is the second step in this coaching system, and is specifically designed for those who have completed Past Life Discovery, and are ready to be at a place of peace in their lives. Transforming Past Life Patterns has three major steps: 1) Release 2) Heal 3) Move Forward.

In order to do that, we will have to tackle each of your past life patterns head on with an individualized set of healing tools. There is no set plan for each session, as it is completely tailored to you, your needs, and the speed at which you are able to move through each of the steps as related to your patterns. This course lasts for 6 months, so that you have ample time to explore each of these patterns and allow for the transformation process to take place.

When you are ready to be completely free of the patterns you have experienced again and again, this program is the catalyst you need. You will be truly amazed at how your life is transformed by the time the 6 months is complete!

Payment Options

Option 1

One payment of $4,997

Option 2

6 monthly payments of $997 (Total $5,982)

If you have any questions, please email Karen Downing at karen {at} yoursoulmission {dot} com

Within 24 hours of payment, you will receive a confirmation email.

From there, we will arrange the schedule for your 12, 2-hour sessions (2 per month).

Sessions can be held over phone (US and Canada only) or Skype (all locations).

Please keep in mind that Karen is located in the Pacific Time Zone (US). Thank you!

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