Stop Repeating the Unhealthy Patterns In Your Life Again and Again...

Do you keep attracting the same partners, co-workers, or situations over and over again? Over 6 weeks of private coaching sessions, Karen Downing will guide you to discover the patterns you carry, so you can STOP LIVING LIFE ON REPEAT.

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Identify Why You Do What You Do

Together, we will touch on each of the 16 Past Life Patterns, focusing in on the ones most affecting your life now. Each one of us holds 3 to 5 of these patterns. They influence your thoughts, emotions and even how you see the world. They are the number one influencer of the repeating patterns (for good or bad) in your life. By identifying the specific mix of past life patterns you hold, you gain valuable insights into why you do what you do.  

Uncover Your Subconscious Fears

Your fears are directly connected to your patterns. They come from past life experiences where things did not go your way.  In order to prevent yourself from experiencing those same challenges again, the Ego creates fear as a warning system. We will discover what your warning system has to say, and begin the process of transforming its inner voice.  Once you have revealed what these deepest fears are, they can be transformed into positive points of focus. 

Bring to Light Your Hidden Talents

Locked away in your Past Life Patterns is expertise from what you have done before. Most of the time, you will not even recognize it as expertise because it is such a part of you. Your talents are less about what you have accomplished, and are more about what you can do so well, that when you get a compliment on it, you say, "Oh, this. It was nothing." By looking to your patterns as the source of your expertise, you will be able to build up upon what you already know!  

What can past life exploration help you solve in the present?

The purpose of looking to our past lives is to discover the ways in which our reactions to past life experiences are still influencing our thoughts and beliefs in the present. We have all lived many hundreds of lifetimes, some people living over 1,000 lives. Throughout these lifetimes, we gain knowledge and wisdom about ourselves from each and every experience. We are truly all wise souls, but sometimes we simply need to remember what we already know.

The more times we experience a certain type of situation in our past lives, the more it has an impact on us. Thankfully, no one needs to look at every single past life in order to understand how those lifetimes are influencing the present. Instead, we gather up similar situations and emotions and look at them as 16 different past life patterns. This categorization helps us in understanding of the bigger picture of what we have already experienced, and gives us a starting point for a deeper journeys into our emotions and behaviors. The patterns of experience help us to understand the details of the lives that we lived before now, and how what we have lived before is affecting our perspective on life today.

In the Past Life Discovery coaching program, we look at your most influential past life patterns, and share the important details of those patterns. Then looking further, we connect your patterns back to your life today, so that you can understand the gifts and challenges of each pattern, and learn how your patterns can work together instead of against one another. This gives you the ability to understand and work through your current life challenges with greater ease, and also to highlight and improve upon the gifts and talents you were already born with. Here are some experiences from clients who have taken the Past Life Discovery course:

Client 1 has a strong need to help others, but often feels as though her family and close friends take advantage of her kindness. She is an expert in her career, and yet her family disregards any advice and guidance she would give. Her work and home dynamics were completely different. At home, she was not given respect, and was in a marriage with someone who only cared about his own reputation, but treated his wife poorly. After taking the course, she began to see how these two ways of being were in complete opposition to one another. This is causing her to re-evaluate her relationship to see if the current structure of her marriage is something she wishes to continue with, or to change in some way. At home, she realized she was in the Victim pattern, and at work she was the Savior. Understanding the relationship between these two patterns, helped her to create more balance in her life. Before the course, she felt like she had to get away from home in order to be happy. After the course, she decided she was worthy of more, and needed to speak up more for herself and find small ways to make herself happy every day, even on those days she was not needing to go to work. By identifying her patterns and how they influenced her relationship dynamics, she is able to create small changes each day that point her in the direction of a much-improved marriage and home life.

Client 2 runs her own successful business, and has wonderful relationships with her clients. But, she struggled with understanding why she was unable to connect with her employees in the same way. One of her most influential patterns was the Monk, and it was the heaviest influence on her challenges with her employees. The way that she expressed her Monk pattern was as the Authoritative Monk, especially when she was in her supervisory role. The authoritative energy was coming off too strong for her employees. This created a fearful connection with her that she did not want. Throughout the coaching sessions, we worked through the various emotional dynamics brought up by her past life patterns and worked to integrate those patterns to boost up her areas of expertise. We also discussed the past life patterns of her most challenging employees, so that she would have a better understanding of how to communicate with each of them more effectively. By the end of the course, we planned great strategies for her to reach each employee, to understand them as both an individual and what motivates them to do the best job for her. In this way, she efficient and focused in her work, while retaining knowledgeable staff to assist her.

Client 3 felt a large amount of stress in his family life. He felt a strong responsibility to make everyone happy. If his wife, children, or parents were not happy, he felt that he had was somehow to blame. Even though he logically understood that he could not make someone else feel a certain feeling, on an emotional level, he still felt like it was his responsibility to ensure that everyone around him was happy. 2 of his most influential patterns were the Savior and the Ruler. It was these patterns that created within him a desire to see those he loves, feel the best they can about themselves. His Savior pattern was trying to save his family from sadness or frustration. However, because of his Ruler pattern, he also placed more and more responsibility on himself. Because he felt that when he saw someone frustrated, that it meant they did not enjoy whatever they were frustrated about. He continued to take on more and more tasks until he was completely overwhelmed with way too many obligations. His attempt to take the lead and make everyone else happy, was making him more stressed out. We worked with all of his past life patterns to help him recognize that the Ruler and Savior did not need to be in charge of his life. To balance out the energies of these 2 strong patterns, we boosted up the voices of his other past life patterns so he could make more relaxed decisions about his level of responsibility within his family. Before the coaching program, he was very reactionary, moving quickly in to solve the problems he saw.  After the course, he started to relax and give others the time to resolve their own issues, with him needing only to step in when asked. This not only made him feel more relaxed, but also his family felt like he respected them more, because he was giving them the chance to discover the solutions for themselves.



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