There are no returns or refunds on sessions, mentoring or courses that have already been completed. In the event that you pre-pay for a class or session and you are unable to attend or reschedule, then your money will be fully refunded.

Sessions and courses are meant to bring you knowledge of your spiritual path, but since oftentimes the Ego does not want you to be empowered by this information, there can be a reaction of anger to some information that is uncovered. This is a normal part of the clearing process. Other possible reactions can be crying spells or upset stomach. These are just ways for your physical body to clear out the emotional or spiritual energy that was discussed.

Disclaimer: Any information about physical ailments, health and healing should be consulted with a medical professional and do not constitute medical advice. No claims of improvement or healing on any level are made. For legal advice, please contact an attorney. No information on games of chance, gambling, lottery, lost treasures and other matters of speculation are provided. For information on locating objects, please contact someone who is working in the areas of remote viewing, private detective work and other related professions. There are no guarantees that information provided will be 100% accurate.

Information on Your Soul Mission is for providing personal empowerment and spiritual guidance, and is for entertainment purposes.

Before you schedule a session or sign-up for a training course, it is suggested that you read our Blog. This will allow you to see if the energy of Karen’s work is compatible with your energy level and beliefs. Thank you!

We will not share your personal information with anyone for any reason and all sessions are kept in confidence.

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