We each have 3 to 5 past life patterns that influence our life now. Read on below for more about The Doll past life pattern.  Haven’t taken the Past Life Pattern Quiz yet? Click here to learn if The Doll is one of the past life patterns influencing your life today.

The Doll past life pattern

Traits of the Doll Past Life Pattern:

  • Appearance pursuits are top priority
  • Lived past lives as geishas, gladiators, and similar experiences where they are treated like objects not people.
  • Holds nearly unattainable standards for their appearance/physicality
  • Can either be a wallflower, or very arrogant, but not usually in between

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Positive Qualities of the Doll Past Life Pattern:

  • Are (or can be) fabulous coaches/consultants within their areas of interest (beauty/fitness/etc.)
  • Highly observant of body language, facial expressions, and personal dynamics
  • Loves to form deep connections with their friends
  • Can use their gifts to challenge social norms about beauty/fitness standards and behaviors

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The Doll Past Life Pattern

Challenges Associated with the Doll Past Life Pattern:

  • Fears their appearance not being exactly right, and can dwell on perceived imperfections
  • Gets caught up comparing themselves to others, sometimes to the point of not recognizing their own true worthiness
  • Can underplay their own intelligence
  • Needs outside attention (often sexual related) to feel good about themselves

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Affirmation for the Past Life Pattern of the Doll:

“My appearance empowers me, but no longer defines my vision of myself. I share my knowledge with others so that they can improve their body positivity.”

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The Doll – Past Life Patterns
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