Please click on the name of a Sign of the Zodiac in the below table to find out more about that sign. You may want to look at your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Rising Sign (Ascendant) and any sign where you have 3 or more planets, as each energy will have an influence in your life.

The information given on each page is done with a touch of humor to assist in the learning process. Each page is meant as a guide to show what can happen when someone is not learning the lesson of their sign and the different ways that the energy can be out of balance. Every sign when in a balanced state is a beautiful expression of that sign’s spiritual lesson.

If you do not know the signs that your planets are in, you will need a print out of your Natal Chart (just the map) you can visit this link to enter your information.

List of Zodiac Signs

Sign of Aries – Self-Worth
Sign of Taurus – Resources, Values, Material Wealth
Sign of Gemini – Communication with Self and Others
Sign of Cancer – Emotional Stability in Home and Family
Sign of Leo – Expression of Self-Love
Sign of Virgo – Mental Focus on Purpose and Service
Sign of Libra – Relationships & Balancing Energy
Sign of Scorpio – Accepting the Uncontrollable
Sign of Sagittarius – Education through Experience
Sign of Capricorn – Drive, Ambition and Recognition
Sign of Aquarius – Releasing Expectations
Sign of Pisces – Connecting Spiritual with Physical

Want to learn more about your personal astrology? Read this post about what Saturn means in the different signs and houses.

Astrology Index
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