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Meditation 3: Drawing in Abundance

You will be taken to a sacred space where you will be receiving gifts from your guides. These gifts can be energy, guidance, items, emotions, healing and so much more. The first time through, try not to go in with any specific intentions of what you wish to see. When you use this meditation regularly, you can make your intentions prior to listening if you wish to manifest something specific. However, when you keep a blank slate prior to the meditation, it allows your subconscious to bring you what is most needed for you in that instance (even if it is not what you think it is).

Abundance VaultRemember, you will be feeling the energy of the meditation for 4-5 days, so pay attention to what shows up in your dreams, and/or what synchronicities are being brought to you as evidence of what you are drawing into your life.

In the comments below, please write about what you notice during and following the 4-5 days after Meditation 3. Even if what you see or sense something you think of as trivial or unrelated, write it down. You can notice faces, symbols, words, body sensations, colors, smells, sounds, emotions and even other evidence not listed here.

Be sure to share this page with friends to enhance your discussion. Sometimes it helps to have someone you know well weigh in on what you saw.

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Drawing in Abundance – Meditation 3
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