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Meditation 1: Identify Beliefs

Think about your subconscious mind like a suitcase filled with dirty clothes. Until you know which wash cycle is piece of clothing needs, it cannot be properly cleaned. In order to determine which wash cycle is needed for each article of clothing, you must identify each piece of clothing.

Different BeliefsEach one of us carries around beliefs inherited from different sources; past lives, ancestral and learned behavior. Some of these beliefs serve us well, and others do not serve our highest good. Meditation 1 is designed to assist your subconscious in bringing forth the beliefs you hold that are no longer for your highest good. As these beliefs come to the surface, you may see or sense something in your meditation. It’s okay if you don’t see anything right away, there are lingering effects from each meditation. You will be feeling the energy of the meditation for 4-5 days, so also pay attention to what shows up in your dreams, or what synchronicities are being brought to you as evidence of what you have identified.

In the comments section, please write about, what you noticed during and following Meditation 1. Even if what you see or sense something you think of as trivial or unrelated, write it down. You can notice, faces, symbols, words, body sensations, colors, smells, sounds, emotions and even other evidence not listed here. If you feel you know what experience connects to your evidence, please write that as well. Sometimes, you may not be able to identify the source right away, and that is just fine too.

Be sure to share this page with friends to enhance your discussion. Sometimes it helps to have someone you know well weigh in on what you saw.

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Identifying Beliefs – Meditation 1
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One thought on “Identifying Beliefs – Meditation 1

  • March 20, 2015 at 6:20 pm

    I’ve been able to gain a clearer picture of the new direction I am to take during this time in my life, and I have a better understanding of the things that are most important to maintain the path that I am on. Thank you.


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