As we enter February, the month of Valentine’s Day and all things lovey-dovey, adverting, conversations and thoughts turn to romantic love. But, what is love without first loving yourself?

We have such a tendency to focus on fulfilling our life through our relationships, and sometimes we forget the fulfillment begins within. When you love yourself, you no longer base your worthiness on any person or resource outside of yourself. When you love yourself, you are honoring your innate Divinity. When you love yourself, you create long-lasting peace in your life, no matter what is going on around you.

This month of February, I will be participating in Self-love Fest. It is a time to turn the energy of love back onto you, honoring who you are. There is a group of us participating, and we will each be posting daily questions on social media to get you thinking about the different ways in which you can practice seeing yourself with love.

Love Starts with You
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