Writing a book was something I had always wanted to do. However, the process felt so daunting and I really didn’t know where to begin. Then one day, I just started writing, and before I knew it, I had completed my first book in a little over a month!

The book, Creating Your Life Path: One Dream at a Time, began as a way to answer all of those questions about how to uncover your life purpose and bring it into fruition in your life today. It is a Self-Help book that is designed for anyone who wants to re-awaken their passion, and walk the path of living their life purpose.

My favorite section of the book would have to be the part where I explain the process of bringing something to fruition, by equating it with going out to dinner. We all have a tendency to make things so complex in our own life; this explanation provides a simple way to connect with the manifestation process. Here is an excerpt:

“Now that you have dreamed your dream, it is time to start creating! In order to create tangible steps for your life path to unfold, you will need to take your dreams through the manifestation process. So, how does the manifestation process work? There is a great deal of information out there on this subject and it sometimes can be very confusing, and even contradictory. Let’s break this process down to its simplest components, by thinking about it much like ordering your dinner from a restaurant.

Step 1: Decide on your Intentions

If you are in the mood for Italian food, but you decide to eat at a Mexican restaurant, then you cannot order the meal you really want. You should never settle for less than what you desire.”

In the book, I also describe in further detail the Spirit Mailbox I recently blogged about. By the time you’re done reading the book, you will not only be able to uncover your life purpose and passion, but also be able to use this simple formula to assist in the creation of your life path. That way, you won’t end up with a meal that you are not hungry for!

Why Would You Order Dinner You Don’t Want?
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