One of the easiest ways to explore your own past life dynamics from the privacy of your own home is through the TV screen. In working with others to help break past life patterns, one of the questions that comes up is how someone can facilitate this work at home on their own. Once of the best ways to do that is to watch programming that is similar to your own past life patterns.

The first step is to uncover your own past life patterns. There are 16 patterns in total; however we typically have between 3 and 5 patterns that we carry through to this life. These patterns are held in varying degrees in our soul memory. Some patterns may be so strong that they show up in all areas of our life, other patterns may only show up in certain situations.

Start by simply reading through the patterns, and see which ones bring up emotion for you. That emotion could be joy, sadness, anger, pride, longing or fear. If you feel a tinge of any emotions when reading about the pattern, then that is your signal that it is a pattern you are holding onto.

Then, when you are ready to learn more about the Past Life Patterns you hold (and how to transform them), take the Past Life Quiz. Write down your top 3 to 5 patterns.

Look at the strengths you carry from each pattern, and also write down the emotional aspects that you are ready to let go of. For example, if you are the Warrior, you will probably want to hold onto your gift for attention to details, but will be ready to let go of how you can perceive others as your enemy and expectations of conflict.

Now it is time to find some programming that connects with your patterns. The Warrior might want to watch Game of Thrones, Vikings or Spartacus. It will take more than one episode to assist in bring the energy out. A good rule to follow is to watch with emotional awareness. If you feel any emotions when watching the program, then you need to continue to watch the program until you flush that emotion out of you.

When you utilize film and TV in this way, it is acting like a magnet, drawing out all past life energy associated with similar experiences, emotions and situations you have gone through in the past.

For even added benefit, try journaling after you watch the program!

Take the Past Life Quiz to learn more about the past life patterns in your life today.

TV for Past Life Exploration
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