Spirituality is a journey to discover (or should I say rediscover) yourself. It is an individual journey and one that no other person can tell you how it should be accomplished. Each person will find their own truth within spirituality and what works for them. To me spirituality is the highest form of honoring our own individuality, however we express it.

So, how do I honor my individuality? I believe in the power that our past life experiences have in shaping our lives today. I believe we are all souls on a path of evolution through lifetimes of experiences. And, with each lifetime we discover more about our Soul’s essence, learning and growing along the way.

Each lifetime has its own life lessons, karmic agreements and experiences, which we will carry forward through subsequent lives. But, that is not all bad news! We also grow our knowledge and expertise through each passing lifetime. As a part of my work, I have developed a framework to teach about past life experiences. This framework is in the form of 16 past life patterns, 16 common experiences that show up for all of us. Each person typically holds onto between 3 and 5 patterns that they have more experience and expertise with than the others.

By understanding our own unique mix of these past life patterns, and also the blueprint of our current lifetime (Astrological birth chart), we can connect with our purpose, talents and emotional challenges. This helps us not only to stop repeating our negative patterns again and again, but also shows us the expertise from our previous lifetimes that we can build upon now.

Spirituality means so many things to me; it is integral to who I am and what I do. Yes, past life study is a huge part of my work, but spirituality is also: Source energy, animals, crystals, fairies, angels, Lemuria, Atlantis, ascended masters, astrology, meditation, self-empowerment, belief, affirmations, honoring oneself, unconditional love, compassion, and many more things that I could list here.

When it comes down to it, spirituality means to me: being at peace with yourself, your beliefs and how you express them to the world.

Want to learn more about your Past Life Patterns? When you are ready to learn more about the Past Life Patterns you hold (and how to transform them), take the Past Life Quiz.

Spirituality is Honoring Your Own Individuality
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