1) Love is More Powerful than Fear

Love, unconditional love, is the most powerful force in the Universe. When you hold a vibration of unconditional love, it creates a personal transformation like never before. In unconditional love, there is no place for fear, as unconditional love is the purest and highest vibrational state one can dwell in. When someone embodies unconditional love, they are limitless, as nothing and no one can constrain this most powerful state of being.

2) Everyone is Here to Teach Us Something

Yes, everyone! When you see something you do not like in the actions or inactions of another, it is telling you something about yourself. You are the one who is having an emotional reaction to what they are doing. As soon as you realize how that other person is triggering your emotions, then whatever was so bothersome to you, ceases to be as bothersome.

3) God Does Not have Human Emotions

Divine Spirit is love. Pure and simple. It is not angry, vengeful or judgmental. Those are human emotions placed upon this energy. You can never disappoint or anger Divine Spirit; you only do this to yourself. Divine Spirit’s capability for forgiveness and compassion is far beyond what we can fathom from our perspective.

4) What We Focus on is What We Create

Your thoughts determine what you align with in your physical world. If you are worried about something happening, you are focusing on a potential negative outcome. If you are focused on what you will create, then you will draw it closer into your life.

5) Our Soul has Lived Before

Our soul extends beyond this one body and this one lifetime. We evolve as a soul throughout our lifetimes, learning and growing with each one. Many of our gifts and talents come from past life experiences, many of our fears and worries do as well. We carry with us our memories and experiences deep in the subconscious. The experiences we have in our current life are a reflection of what we have yet to complete from before.  Learn more by taking the Past Life Quiz.

6) Everyone is Entitled to Believe Their Own Truth

Our beliefs and perspectives change throughout our life. They are based on our experiences, age, culture, gender, upbringing and past life experiences. When someone believes something to be true, they are the only ones who can choose change their perspective. Therefore, each person will have different truths at different times. To accept that it is human nature to hold differing truths, creates peace instead of conflict.

What about you? What do you believe? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Six Things I Believe
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