Many people ask me why I focus so much on using affirmations in my work. The short answer is because they are easy, short, digestible tools that anyone can take advantage of. So, why do they get such a bad rap?

Perhaps our definition begins with the Saturday Night Live of old and Stuart Smalley telling himself, “I am good enough, I am smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.” And, with that phrase we are left to think that affirmations are dopey, silly and useless. But, this is very much not the case.

Affirmations, when worded in such a way, can provide us with ongoing mantras of creating the life we desire. Why? Because a well worded affirmation can completely shift our mindset; changing our focus from what we do not like about life, our lives or others, to instead what we are working on creating more of.

If you have tried affirmations in the past, but felt like you have been lying to yourself, it might be time to pick up the practice once again. But, this time, ensure that the wording of the affirmations will be something that will be truthful for you to say.

Let me share an example: The affirmation “I Love myself unconditionally” is one that many people use. But, what if you are not exactly at a state in your life where you truly feel that way about yourself? What will actually happen is that by saying this affirmation, your internal dialogue will discount what you have just said aloud, saying the internal thought of “but, no I don’t.” When you put that all together, the final saying is not exactly empowering; as you are basically telling yourself that you don’t really love yourself, just with more words.

Instead, try using the affirmation “I work at loving myself more each day.” That way no matter where you are in life, or how you feel about yourself, this affirmation will always be true! Whenever an affirmation is worded in such a way, it absolutely can be a tool for positive change.

Why Affirmations?
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