Many people often to express to me their desire to work more closely with Spirit, but often they don’t feel that they are worthy enough to fulfill the task. Working with the Higher Energies is not about becoming more Holy, spiritual, or Godly; it is about learning to move the Ego part of you aside, and to allow the words and love of the Higher Energies to flow through you.

It is not easy work, but it is, for the most part, very enjoyable.  This is not something only for a certain few; as there are many ways in which this type of connection can be accomplished. There are only 2 requirements to work with the Higher Energies in this way. One is the willingness to take on that role. That involves simply raising your hand, and volunteering prior to your life (or even during your life) that you wish to do this type of work. The second requirement is much more challenging, and that is to have awareness of the Ego part of you. This is an ongoing piece, as you have to continually be aware of any potential for your Ego to alter or change the messages you receive.

However, all that is required to begin this process, is the awareness of the Ego part of you. The more that you grow that awareness, the better you facilitate the alignment with the Higher Energies who are ready to work with you. There are more Higher Energies ready to work with humanity, than there are humans on the Earth plane. And, with the support of the new changes on the planet, more and more individuals will be able to raise their vibration to such a state to do this work.

This process takes one through both physical and emotional changes. As the presence of the Higher Energies grows closer and closer to you, you begin to flush out all of your past life energy, bit-by-bit, layer-by-layer. And, with the help of some Astrological transits, like the month of April has held for so many, this past life residue can be released with even greater force.

The body also changes physically, as it needs to accommodate more energy flowing through it. Some of the physical changes (alright, most) are not pleasant. However, once your body starts becoming acclimated to the raised vibrational state, even though the physical changes are still present, they begin to feel much more “normal” and are less bothersome.

There are some great upsides to this work as well. One of the benefits is enjoying a greater sense of peace, and the ability to truly live in the now moment. This peace allows you to really be able to let go of the day-to-day worry, anxiety and stressors that so many individuals are used to holding onto.

So, what is the one thing you can do today to begin? Start the process of understanding the Ego part of you. It is not a task that can be accomplished overnight, and the learning process will continue throughout your entire life. What you can do today, is to uncover the topics and emotions that your Ego likes to use over and over again. I like to think of these are the Ego’s “go-to” bag of tricks; and they are different for each person. For some it is low confidence, for others it is fear of judgment, fear of abandonment, pride, stubbornness, etc. Start by discovering just a few of those pieces of ammunition that the Ego likes to use to keep you from moving forward. The more you learn about the Ego, the more you are equipped to step out of it, and embrace the Higher Self, and the Higher Energies who are ready to connect with you.

Working with the Higher Energies
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