Anger is a huge energy that is carried over, and often has grown, from incarnation to incarnation. As long as anger is left unresolved, it can very easily turn into a destructive force.

The Ego uses anger by stuffing it away behind other emotions and experiences, often bringing it out when you least expect it. Many individuals actually have a fear of expressing anger, as they feel that it is not “spiritual” to do so. However, expressing anger is the only way to release it. Anger cannot be wiped clean by some magic wand; it has to be released through the process of expression.  It is only when anger is not expressed, that it becomes problematic.

There are many healthy ways to express and release anger. The most important thing when letting the anger go, is to not allow yourself to direct that anger at another person. Most of the time, they are just a convenient target for your anger, and very rarely are they the true source of the anger.  Often, your anger stems from unresolved past life challenges.

However, whenever you direct your anger at someone, you are contributing to your anger’s growth, instead of its neutralization. Also, learn to identify the difference between annoyance and anger. Very often what you call anger is really annoyance. Yes, annoyance can lead to anger, but it begins as a different emotion.

Anger is an overwhelming feeling that can cause you to be totally at the whim of it. It will cause action or reaction without reasoning. Anger is the emotion behind 99% of the misunderstandings on the planet today. Much of that problem is predicated by the fact that most people do not truly comprehend the power that anger has.

Anger, when left to fester and grow inside someone, can contribute to disease, war, and violence. Anger can completely change your perspective of life and the world around you.

What would you like to change? Very often the answer to that question is also the source of your anger. See why neutralizing your anger is so important! Any time you feel anger toward something, look to the root of the anger. Discover what the subject of your anger is. Express that anger in a healthy way, by writing about the topic, or talking to someone you trust, or working with someone who can assist you in transforming the energy. Once you have expressed the anger, you will be able to view it in a new light. Then it becomes a powerful tool for change.

Let’s say, you are angry because a cause you have passion for is not getting enough support or publicity. After you have talked the anger through, look at using your energy to create change on that topic. Perhaps by starting a support groups, or meditation circle on the topic. Hand out flyers informing people, or write an email to your local news, to let others know what is happening. All of these actions are how you can shift your individual anger into a force for change. So, how can you use your anger as a force for change today?

Using Anger as a Force for Change
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