We each have 3 to 5 past life patterns that influence our life now. Read on below for more about The Ruler past life pattern.  Haven’t taken the Past Life Pattern Quiz yet? Click here to learn if The Ruler is one of the past life patterns influencing your life today.

The Ruler past life pattern

Traits of the Ruler Past Life Pattern:

  • Needs to feel in control of all aspects of their life
  • Lived past lives as queens, king, emperors, empresses, heads of state, etc.
  • Will weigh the priority of people (and the preferences of those people) versus process (achieving end goals)
  • Feel confident in themselves when they oversee a project or manage a team

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Positive Qualities of the Ruler Past Life Pattern:

  • Are (or can be) great motivators, speakers, writers, and corporate executives
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Strong loyalty to their inner circle
  • Can use their gifts motivate others to discover and live their own path of self-empowerment

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The Ruler

Challenges Associated with the Ruler Past Life Pattern:

  • Keeps their inner anxiety a secret behind a well put together exterior
  • Can be stubborn when it comes to listening to other people’s points of view
  • Worries about making the wrong decision
  • Has potential to view people around them as resources, and may often forgot to show appreciation

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Affirmation for the Past Life Pattern of the Ruler:

“I release all need to be in control. I accept that the world is an uncontrollable place, and I choose to practice learning to go with the flow of life.”

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The Ruler – Past Life Patterns
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