We each have 3 to 5 past life patterns that influence our life now. Read on below for more about The Merchant past life pattern.  Haven’t taken the Past Life Pattern Quiz yet? Click here to learn if The Merchant is one of the past life patterns influencing your life today.

The Merchant past life pattern

Traits of the Merchant Past Life Pattern:

  • Understands the world around them by equating things and people with their perceived value
  • Lived past lives where they worked in commerce or banking, or were a merchant or business person.
  • Can be viewed as being inauthentic, cold, or disconnected
  • Suspects others are after their money or possessions

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Positive Qualities of the Merchant Past Life Pattern:

  • Thrives when working with numbers and technology
  • Enjoys being involved in many social activities
  • Can balance both the details and big picture perspective of projects and business deals
  • Excellent strategists

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The Merchant

Challenges Associated with the Merchant Past Life Pattern:

  • Fears theft, deception and going broke
  • Regularly puts their monetary goals as priority over the feelings of others
  • Does not respect people who are shy
  • Has a difficult time trusting other people

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Affirmation for the Past Life Pattern of the Merchant:

“I draw into my life all that I need and more. I no longer focus on fear, when it comes to how I think about money.”

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The Merchant – Past Life Patterns
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