We each have 3 to 5 past life patterns that influence our life now. Read on below for more about The Agent past life pattern.  Haven’t taken the Past Life Pattern Quiz yet? Click here to learn if The Agent is one of the past life patterns influencing your life today.

The Agent past life pattern

Traits of the Agent Past Life Pattern:

  • Secretive about sharing the details of their personal life
  • Lived past lives where they worked as spies, government agents, tax collectors, and similar roles
  • Believes conspiracies and power-plays are a driving force in society
  • Expresses a general overanxious quality

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Positive Qualities of the Agent Past Life Pattern:

  • Thrives in structure and routine
  • Carries a strong drive to know what is happening around them
  • Uses their “Gut” (intuition) to inform them when a situation feels off
  • Feels a duty to inform loved ones of the truth (however they define it)

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Challenges Associated with the Agent Past Life Pattern:

  • Innately suspicious of others
  • Worries about the consequences of breaking rules
  • Carries an inner fear of, or anger toward, authority figures
  • Communicates in a cryptic and unclear manner, but typically doesn’t realize it

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Affirmation for the Past Life Pattern of the Agent:

“I start the process of unconditionally accepting my own empowerment. I will no longer live in fear of being judged or controlled by authority figures.”

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The Agent – Past Life Patterns
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