One of the things many people struggle with on their spiritual path is making assumptions. One thing that my assumptions have taught me is how they are a window into past life energy that I need to release. Whenever you are a making an assumption about a person or a situation, you are actually judging them and yourself.

For example, let’s say you have a bad connection on the phone and the call drops. You make the assumption that the person hung up on you, and they make the assumption that you hung up on them. Because you assume something of the other party, and you believe your assumptions to be the truth, you become angry at the other person because they hung up on you, when in reality they did not. This is one example of how assumptions can lead to a complete breakdown in communication.

Many times the undercurrent to assumptions is an unresolved feeling of anger. An assumption could lead you to say, “How dare you treat me this way?” But, what if the situation is not as you assumed it to be?

Most people make assumptions on a subconscious level, many they are not even aware of. Anytime you ask someone, “Why do you feel angry towards me?” You are making an assumption about their feelings. Every time you say, “You did this because you didn’t listen to me,” you are making an assumption about another person’s actions. Try for just one day to see how many of your thoughts and words are based on assumptions. Then instead of believing your assumptions, ask yourself, “Why do I feel this is the truth?”

We are all the recipients of assumptions all day long. Most of which we do not even hear. Assumptions are what gossip is built upon, and are truly a waste of energy. If you notice that someone is acting a certain way, learn to ask them to explain their feelings to you (Or detach from their emotional state), instead of assuming what emotions their actions are derived from. If you see that someone does not complete a task asked of them, learn to ask if they have had an opportunity to complete it yet, instead of berating them for not doing it. You see when anger is expressed because of your assumptions; you are contributing more to the energy of anger and less to the energy of discovering a solution.

As you dive further and further into the energy of your personal assumptions, you can uncover some truly insightful pieces of your past lives. If you have a tendency to believe that others are passive or lazy, ask if you judge yourself in the same way. If you believe others should act and behave as you do, ask yourself why you are afraid to be different. If you think that everyone else is purposefully not doing what you asked, ask yourself how you are not listening to others. Discover how your assumptions can show you how you are angry at, or judging, yourself; with that knowledge you can make great gains in healing the scars from your past lives.

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Assumptions and Anger
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