The month of May has been all about setting new foundations. Whenever you experience changes in your life, you will go through a time when you are building things up once again. This is one of the aspects of change that many find so difficult, as the Ego feels like it is out of control. However, when you can go into the Higher Self and simply trust that everything is as it should be, you will find that you are able to navigate any changes with peace in your heart.

One side effect of change and transition is that it often brings up much anger in individuals. This is because change is a trigger to allow past life energy to be released. That past life energy can have to do with other individuals or dynamics involved in the particular situation. One of the most common repressed sources of anger, is anger at Spirit. Many people do not feel that it is okay to be angry with Spirit. But, you see that anger comes from past life experiences.

There is never anything wrong with feeling anger, but you do need to be aware of how you are processing and expressing it. Anger can be dangerous if you are directing it at others, or at yourself. But, instead if you use your anger as a guide to show you more details of what you need to release, then it can be like a compass to help you navigate the treasure map of your life. Is your compass causing you to get lost in circles of emotion? Or, are you using your compass properly, to assist you in leaving the forest of un-forgiveness? The choice is yours.

A change can be infuriating, or can be freeing. I chose to believe in the latter. Imagine how much you can create in your life when you have the clarity that comes with freedom from your emotion; it is a beautiful thing!

Navigating Change
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