Do you really understand the difference between the wants and needs in your life? When you can learn to distinguish your wants from your needs, it allows you to discover a succinct direction for anything you wish to draw into your life. Here are a few simple pointers:

Your needs are the things that are required for any chosen purpose. For example if you run a business, you need an office with a certain amount of space, equipment, signage and so forth. Needs are just the basic descriptions of what is required. However, when you look at the wants related to running a business, you might want more space than is necessary, because you want to have room for growth. You may want a specific layout, or location. Those attributes of your office are not necessary for running your business now. They may help you, but they are not required for you to perform you work duties in the present moment.

When you are working with a manifestation practice, it is essential to distinguish your wants from your needs. If you do not understand the difference, you actually begin to create confusion about what you can create in your life. Many times when you do not differentiate these qualities, it can be easy to think that your wants are the same as your needs. This is because the Ego uses your wants to keep you from clearly seeing what your needs are.

The Ego’s tactics can show up by feeling as if you do not like something because of an attribute that is changeable; as in, “I will not buy that house because it has a red wall.” But, that red wall is not detracting from anything you need, and whatever color you want it to be, can be painted over the red. This may be a simple example, but it is exactly how the Ego uses your wants to distract you from seeing what your actual needs are.

To find out if this distraction tactic of the Ego is taking place in your own life, choose a manifestation goal you have. Perhaps is it a new job, relationship, money, car, or anything else. Then take out a piece of paper and write down two columns, one is wants and one is needs. Looking at manifesting a new car, you might want it to be a certain color, have a GPS, and 10 cup holders. None of those qualities are necessary for the car to operate and therefore are listed under Wants. Then you shift your focus to the needs; the car needs to be reliable, it needs to be comfortable for you to drive in, it needs to be safe for you and your family, it needs X amount of seats, it needs X amount of storage. Those are the Needs necessary for you to transport yourself, your family and any items you normally would take by car. Needs come from a fulfilling a purpose, whereas wants describe a quality that is preferred, but not necessarily required.

The more you practice this, the more you will be able to discern your wants from your needs. Then, once you have your needs determined, it gives you greater focus to bring your goals and dreams into reality.

Wants versus Needs
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