You are beginning to attract new information, messages, opportunities and even resources into your life. Some of these may not have been quite how you expected them to be. And, because of this you are finding that you are in the midst of releasing any unhealed beliefs, related to your capacity to receive unconditionally.

Living in this new energy is about understanding, and accepting, your own capacity to manifest. This also means understanding how the energy locked inside of you from past lives can influence how you recognize and utilize this innate ability to create. The creation process is more than just bringing your thoughts into fruition; it is also about learning to accept that assistance can come from anywhere.

It is not very often that you get to be privy to how someone came about something in their life and why they are choosing to share it with / give it to you. In order to be at one with the financial flow, you have to be willing to receive unconditionally. Receiving unconditionally means that you do not feel guilty for these times you accept something from others, you just accept it without question.

Even something like manifesting a windfall of money can reveal to you the ways in which you think about how you can receive. Some individuals fear having too much money, because in many past life situations, that money made them a target. Still others find that money and resources cause them to feel like they have an obligation to share it.

You are never under any obligation to do anything; instead you have choices. Try to rid the word obligation from your vocabulary altogether. It is a word based on fear and guilt. When you receive something, you do not have to share it with anyone, unless you choose to do so. This is a very common misconception, because there is a societal conditioning that one must share if they are in a position to do so.

You do not need to share anything you do not wish to share, that includes emotions, resources and energy. You are always in control of what you choose to do. Some choices may be easier then others, but they are still your choices to make. You create your life every day, by the choices you make.

If you are giving your power away to a person, situation or energy by saying that those things are what drive your decisions, then you are not taking ownership of your power to create. Every moment you give your energy away to something else, is a moment you are taking energy away from creating the life you dream of. That dream is only limited by how you feel about yourself.

For, if you do not feel worthy of receiving anything, or if you feel that life is unfair, then you are saying that you do not expect anything more than disappointment. However, if you choose to believe in hope, work through your life lessons and are able to take one small step forward each day, then there is nothing that can limit what you can create in your life.

In order to receive unconditionally, you need to release your expectations. A quick affirmation you can say to stir up any energy related to illusions of the receiving process is: “I expect the best without having any expectations at all.” This affirmation requires you to let go of what YOU think is the best, and allow the highest good to take place. It is about trust, faith and most of all, not trying to place your personal perception on all that can possibly be accomplished.

By understanding all of the ways in which your perceptions can flavor how your manifestation process works, you are able to increase the effectiveness of the Law of Attraction ten-fold.

When you try to do something without understanding why it is important, it still works, but it looses the fullness of its power. To be able to receive all that is coming to you, you have to understand what pieces of energy inside of you were attracting undesirable outcomes and situations. For, the more of the yuck that you can release, the more positive energy you have to manifest your desires.

Whatever is coming to you in your life, be it financial assistance, a new relationship, a new place to live, or a feeling of purpose and contentment; know that it is here to assist you on the next steps of your life’s journey.

You are powerful, beautiful and more capable then you give yourself credit for. Believe in yourself, release any need to expect how something will arrive in your life and know you are worthy. Once you can do that, you will be amazed at how the shift in your energy has created a shift in all that surrounds you.

Accepting and Receiving
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