There is an innate feeling in some people that receiving anything comes with a price. This is not true. If you are always thinking that in order to receive, it has to be earned/paid for/a tradeoff, then you are actually limiting what can come to you. This is because on a subconscious level you are saying to Spirit that you cannot receive unconditionally. Each time you feel that you cannot accept something graciously and without guilt, you are putting conditions on how something (whether emotions, energy or something tangible) can be brought into your life.

When you hold on to this belief of guilt in receiving, it is like you are preparing yourself for some type of restrictions, expectations or regulations in how and what you can receive. Allow yourself to receive compliments, gifts, conversations and everything in your life, without feeling like you have to give them back. You have no obligation to pay anything back to anyone, but if there is to be an energy exchange, your intuition will inform you of such.

You cannot build your own unique life path when you are hinging that progress on all the ways in which you need to repay others. Just know that you are worthy of receiving and that if it is something that is meant to be paid back, an opportunity will be brought to you at some time in your future to allow that to happen. You do not need to expect or predict what those opportunities may be, instead just learn to go with the flow of what each step on that life path brings you.

If you are someone who does feel guilt when you are given something, try to look at that energy of guilt. Why do you feel guilty about receiving? Do you feel obligated to pay the person back in some way? Do you feel that you are not deserving of what you have received? Try doing some writing on these questions; you may be surprised at what the sources of your beliefs are.

The Guilt of Receiving
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