I live in the Pacific Northwest, USA and in this area we have been bombarded with snow, ice and wind in the last week. For those of you who live outside the area, I’m sure the winter weather we received pales in comparison to a normal winter for you. But, for those of us in this area, we were sure thrown way off our routines as we received as much snow in one day as we usually receive in an average year! We lost power in many areas for a few days, as we have so many trees that get heavy with snow and ice and crash onto the power lines and roadways.

Even though I was out of my routine and had to stay at my mom’s house to stay warm, my own experience is nothing in comparison to the many who have had no power for over a week. Any time we have a shake up in our day-to-day routine, it always helps us to highlight a few things in our life that we have not been paying attention to.

For example, I know that the power company will change some of the ways it does things, and we already saw an improved way to communicate with customers, as the power company posted regular updates on Facebook to keep everyone informed. For me, this storm helped me to really appreciate electricity and the way in which it is integral in our lives and everything we do. I will certainly try to not take it for granted.

For others, they learned new things about their home, or spent more time reconnecting with family. Even in the most miserable of experiences, there is always something to be learned, improved and/or appreciated in a new way. When you can keep your focus on the positive, even in the face of what can be a terrible situation, it just helps to make things work better in your life.

I know that next time this happens (as it happens every 2-3 years in this area), that the power lines will be better able to handle the event and many more people will have purchased generators or have back up plans in place. Sometimes we all need to slow down and turn off for a few days.

Shaking Up Your Routine
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