Ruling Planet – Mercury

Corresponding House – 6th House

Crystals – Fluorite, Chrysocolla, Okenite & Sardonyx

Affirmation – “I am comfortable being me, and I use my gifts and talents to assist me on my life’s path.”

Personality Traits – Virgos are very tied into having a purpose in life, something that not only pays the bills, but also fulfills them spiritually. Many Virgos are often attracted to careers in service to others in some way. Virgos are not only great caregivers to those around them (both in and out of the work place), but they also have an eye for the details needed to get things done. Because of this eye for detail, Virgo can appear one of two ways, either they will appear to be messy and disorganized (but they will know where everything is) or they will be super-organized, to the point of color-coded, alphabetized everything.

In a Relationship – Virgos love to take care of you, and this is beautiful when it is in balance. What you need to watch for is that if Virgo has unresolved issues with their parents, then they can tend to project this relationship onto you, but this time with them playing the role of the parent. Virgos will always remember what specific things you like and don’t like, and they also expect you to remember those things about them. This can be one way they show their caregiving side of themselves, so if your viewpoints don’t coexist with this idea, there can be conflict.

Spiritual Health – Virgos enjoy having goals to work toward, they are very goal driven and it can be difficult for them to think of things in nebulous terms. For example, if you suggest to a Virgo to meditate, they will need to know what kind of meditation, where to go, how often, how long, etc, etc. Then they will need to know how that is going to help them to meet their spiritual goals they have set out for themselves. Because of this drive, a imbalance of energies can be placed on planning instead of doing. Virgos need to learn to be more spontaneous.

Emotional Health – Virgos are very empathic to what others are going through, but depending on their life experiences, they can also be very compartmentalized when it comes to understanding their own emotions. Virgos are surrounded by emotional mirrors in their life to help them work through their own emotional stuff. If Virgo does not use the mirrors, or does not recognize them, Virgo will begin to have more extreme reactions to emotional situations. This is only meant to be there to show Virgos what they have been stuffing down inside themselves.

Mental Health – A Virgo mind is always humming with activity. Planning this or that, thinking about what is next on the list, or preoccupied with a problems at work or home that they feel they need to fix. Virgos need to be careful to not spend too much time planning, as this can come across in appearing disingenuous, distant or even fake. Virgos are most likely to tell you, “yes, sure, uh-huh, sounds good,” but then have no idea what you talked about them with 10 minutes later. Virgos are here to learn to live in the now.

Physical Health – Virgos can be prone to putting on weight. This is because they take on other peoples emotions, but do not always know how to process them. The other extreme of that is that they can become exercise nuts, this is just a way for them to process this energy they pick up, but they need to be careful here to not let this routine overtake them. Virgos can also develop problems with their back and shoulders if they feel that it is their obligation to take on other’s responsibilities.

Relationship with Food – Virgo individuals tend to be very focused on eating around a certain food philosophy. Whatever their food philosophy is, they will jump in head first and will come up with detailed plans to find, buy and/or eat their food. The caution here is that they have to be willing to listen to their intuition to give them information if they are not getting the proper nutrients for their body from their particular food philosophy. Examples of food philosophies can be: vegetarian, vegan, freegan, gluten-free, low-carb, any diet plan, couponing for groceries, high-protein, eating local, growing the food yourself, etc. Whatever philosophy is chosen, or whichever philosophies they move through, will be very important to them. Virgos will usually not stray from their particular chosen diet until they have researched and determined that something else is better.

Astrology Sign of Virgo
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