Ruling Planet – Pluto

Corresponding House – 8th House

Crystals – Muscovite, Tourmaline, Obsidian & Herkimer Diamond

Affirmation – “I trust in the unknown. I allow intuition and guidance to flow freely to me and through me, I no longer try to block or control it in any way.”

Personality Traits – There seems to be an undertone of sexual energy with everything Scorpio does. If it isn’t about the jokes, it is in their grin. They cannot help it, there is just something about Scorpio and wanting to talk about sex. But, notice how everything will be directed at others, and rarely would they ever talk about their own sex life (or their life in general). Part of this is because they are in la-la land most of the time, and also it can take some time before they will trust anyone enough to actually share something about themselves on a deep level. Scorpios deepest fear is feeling out of control, and they have great difficulty accepting that in many life situations they are not the one in charge.

In a Relationship – Scorpio may act like everything is wonderful, but under the surface they are always pondering something. It is not that they are mistrustful, it is that they feel like they need to be in control, preparing for any possible outcome by protecting their own interests. Once you build that trust with them, and can get Scorpio to open up to you, they are a very supportive and nurturing partner.

Spiritual Health – Scorpios are naturally very intuitive, but if they do not receive support or guidance in how to use these gifts, they can often turn away from them. In an attempt to suppress their natural intuition, Scorpios can be prone to addictive behaviors.

Emotional Health – Scorpios are quite extreme with their emotions and either they will wear their emotions on their sleeves, or they will box them up so tight that they don’t even know what they are feeling. Scorpio’s lesson here is to allow for balanced expression of their emotions.

Mental Health – Addictive behaviors are things thing to watch for. These would occur when Scorpio gets out of balance emotionally, causing them to numb themselves to what they are feeling. If Scorpio can look within and talk about the emotions that they may even be hiding from themselves, then they have learned the lesson of their sign.

Physical Health – Scorpios can experience problems the genitals. This will be related to the energy that the feel about themselves sexually. Another area to watch is the hands, and they can also be prone to arthritis, carpal tunnel and problems with inflexibility. This can happen when Scorpios shut themselves off from others.

Relationship with Food – Scorpios can be secretive about their food. It may be that they have told everyone that they are a vegetarian, but they sneak a fast food cheeseburger on their lunch break. Scorpios like to reserve a piece of their food/eating habits for themselves, and this can come off as being contradictory or unusual. Of all the signs in the Zodiac, Scorpio is most likely to view food as erotic and they can be found cracking jokes about the length of bananas or how big the melons at the grocery store were.

Astrology Sign of Scorpio
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