Ruling Planet – Neptune

Corresponding House – 12th House

Crystals – Sodalite, Smithsonite, Pietersite & Shattuckite

Affirmation – “I connect the spiritual with the physical. I recognize that my soul is of the spiritual, but I also understand that I am having a human experience. I stay grounded to experience what the physical world has to offer.”

Personality Traits – Pisces can be what might be described as “airy-fairy” because they are often more comfortable in the spiritual world than in the physical world. This connection makes them so extremely intuitive, but there may also be great fear in this area. Pisces is here to learn to connect the spiritual to the physical and not to ignore one for the benefit of the other. Pisces would bend over backwards for anyone in their life, they are very compassionate individuals, but sometimes they can be too positive as a mechanism to not deal with their own inner fears.

In a Relationship – Pisces makes a wonderful partner in a relationship, but they can be a bit needy. Pisces often views their partner as a grounding force in their life and they can become overly reliant on this person. Pisces is so loving and attentive than it sometimes makes their partner feel smothered. Pisces’s challenge in a relationship is to spend time alone, so that they can take time to looking within their own life, instead of becoming distracted by focusing on others.

Spiritual Health – Pisces is naturally spiritually attuned, and they would benefit greatly from speaking with others who have experience with similar energies. Pisces needs to practice on the physical manifestations of their spiritual thinking, as connecting with spiritual comes so naturally to them. If Pisces can find a group or class about manifestation or working with the Law of Attraction, this would be the most beneficial for them.

Emotional Health – Pisces needs to be sure that they do not become too reclusive. They are so comfortable being with spiritual, that sometimes they do not want to come out into the world. But, if they can learn to express themselves and be confident in their interactions with others outside their immediate family, Pisces can have a beautiful emotional fulfillment.

Mental Health – Pisces can be prone to developing agoraphobia and schizophrenia. This is only when the energies are out of balance and they do not understand their spiritual gifts. As long as Pisces faces their fears of the outside world, they will be just fine. One a more subtle level, Pisces will have to be sure to stay focused when doing detailed work; they can have a tendency to daydream.

Physical Health – Pisces can experience difficulties with their feet and this comes from them subconsciously not wanting to connect to the Earth plane. When Pisces is too comfortable in the spiritual part of themselves, without acknowledging the physical part, they can also have headaches and pressure that comes from overuse of the upper chakras.

Relationship with Food – Pisces eats as a shield to the world. When Pisces has a hard time understanding why something is happening, they can have a tendency to turn within. Food can become a method to build up those walls against their perceived harshness of the outside world. Food use and abuse can also become a form of self-punishment, so Pisces have to be very careful to not control their food, and to not let their food control them.

Astrology Sign of Pisces
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