Ruling Planet – Sun

Corresponding House – 5th House

Crystals – Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Pyrolusite & Larimar

Affirmation – “I let my light shine free. I no longer have to prove myself and my worthiness to others. I love myself just as I am, because I recognize that I am already God’s perfection.”

Personality Traits – Leo likes to be in the spotlight and they need to feel recognition for what they do for others. Leo associates this recognition with love, so when they do not get recognition from one source, they will look for it in the other sources in their life. Leo is so much more gifted they they give themselves credit for, but they feel a strong need to express themselves outwardly to mask a deeper feeling of inward self-doubt.

In a Relationship – Leo can be high maintenance. They like to participate in activities and have a social life where they can be seen and they really want a partner who understands and appreciates those things as well. Leo will be loyal and loving to you, as long as they feel that emotion reciprocated from you. The challenge for Leo is to communicate with their partner about what their definition of love is, so that both parties can be on the same page. As long as that communication and expression is there, the relationship will be fun and very loving.

Spiritual Health – Leo needs to do something to express their spiritual beliefs. They like to experience rather than learn, and this can mean a more active spiritual expression, like yoga, martial arts, reiki, creative expression and so forth. Leo would do wonderful in intuitive writing courses, this would give that outlet while also making themselves the focus of their own writing.

Emotional Health – Leo needs to be recognized. This is more than just being seen and heard, it is about feeling appreciated every day. If Leo does not feel fulfilled at home, they may get overly focused on other aspects of their life, like work, spiritual development, hobbies or being social. Everything has the potential for social interactions and it is through the sharing of themselves with others, that Leo feels that emotional fulfillment.

Mental Health – Leo can develop bipolarism if they do not have healthy avenues of expression. This is because they can feel those highs that come from interacting with others, or being on a stage of their own making; and conversely the lows that come from not feeling recognized. Leo can also develop enabling behavior patterns, because they have such a big heart. The real lesson for Leo is to find the recognition from within, so that the no longer need others to feel good about themselves.

Physical Health – Leos have a big heart, but they need to turn some of that energy toward themselves. This energy can turn into problems with their heart and also show up as mid-back pain. Leo’s also have a strong connection with their hair and it is more susceptible to showing stress and pre-mature greying than with other signs.

Relationship with Food – Leos tend to be extreme with their food, either they love something or the hate it. They will definitely have an opinion when it comes to where/what they want to eat. Leo’s will often try “different” combinations of food, and will rarely order something just as it is on the menu. As a child, Leo individuals were coming up with creative sandwiches and snack combinations and they may still have a “strange” favorite snack today.

Astrology Sign of Leo
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