Ruling Planet – Mercury

Corresponding House – 3rd House

Crystals – Lapis Lazuli, Agate, Serpentine & Sapphire

Affirmation – “I focus on the now moment. I am present and involved in whatever is going on around me. I balance my social time with quiet contemplation, so I can receive my guidance and intuition.”

Personality Traits – Go, go, go. There is so much to do when you are a Gemini, and everything carries equal importance. This is a great way to view life, but sometimes there gets to be too many things going on and not enough time to just sit and breathe. Gemini wants to do so many things in life, but sometimes they can forgo the quality for the quantity. Gemini’s lesson is to balance that active energy with time to slow down and rest. Gemini is often referred to as the twins, because they have two distinct ways of dealing with things. One is the Happy-go-lucky Gemini, where they are everyone’s friend, and the other is the How-dare-you Gemini where the anger can come out.

In a Relationship – Gemini can make a wonderful partner. They do like to talk things through a lot, so if you are more reserved, this could feel like they are a chatterbox. But, if you can understand that need of Gemini to communicate about what is going on in their life, and you listen to what they have to say, then the relationship dynamic can feel very easy. When Gemini does not feel seen and heard, this is when the anger can come out. Gemini’s challenge in the relationship is to ensure that they can take a step back from the situation and realize that they are not responsible for others’ choices.

Spiritual Health – Gemini would really benefit from meditation and contemplation, but they would be the first one to tell you that they cannot sit still long enough. To assist in this, Gemini can try walking meditations and yoga, especially in a group setting where Gemini can socialize afterward would be wonderful. One of Geminis challenges in to balance outward communication with being receptive to what is coming in.

Emotional Health – Gemini has to be careful not to put too much pressure on themselves. They often view themselves as the central cog in the wheel of their immediate circle and when someone falls, Gemini is going to be right their to pick them up. But when this energy is out of balance, Gemini can even put their worth onto what others are doing, feeling and thinking. Gemini has to recognize on an emotional level that they are not responsible for being everyone’s safety net. Gemini is here to help themselves through tools of communication, and sometimes that is learning to set boundaries.

Mental Health – Geminis have to watch out for becoming caffeine junkies or using other supplements/substances to help them get everything done. Then they need a few beers, or a sleeping pill, at night to calm down. Gemini has to learn to get out of their head and write down or vocalize what the chatter in their mind is, and then (this is the heard part) trust that it is going to happen whether they do it, think about it, or otherwise try to control it or not. Many times in past life situations, Geminis had their trust broken. This is why there is that inner drive to do it all themselves.

Physical Health – Geminis can be prone to asthma and other conditions of the lungs. This occurs because Gemini is doing so many things in their head, it is almost as if they forget to breathe. This ability to handle so many things at once can also show up as restlessness and appearing as if they’re flighty, but they really just have the ability to focus on many things at the same time. “Handling” so many things can also show up as issues with the arms, almost like they are literally holding many things at once, and their arms would feel weighted and tired.

Relationship with Food – Gemini is not usually a picky eater, in fact, as long as they can talk over a meal, they would almost eat anything. Sometimes even the adventure of eating somewhere different can be a conversation point, even if they don’t particularly care for the food. If a Gemini individual is single, you would find that they might have a tendency to eat out, rather than eat at home alone. This is not because they do not like to cook, but they would just rather be around other people if they can.

Astrology Sign of Gemini
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