Ruling Planet – Saturn

Corresponding House – 10th House

Crystals – Carnelian, Amber, Jasper & Peridot

Affirmation – “I flow with the energy of life. I empower myself by assisting others to find empowerment. I understand that the true source of power is found not by output, but by surrender.”

Personality Traits – Capricorn likes to do things their way. It might not be the best way (Don’t tell them) to do things, but they will hold to it, unless they change their own minds. Capricorn can also struggle with learning to balance power in their life. They may experience extreme highs and lows on the scale of power, going from feeling totally powerless, to feeling as though they need to overpower others, until they can settle in to a happy medium. Once they have learned the lesson of their sign, they will be very empowered and nothing will phase them anymore.

In a Relationship – Capricorn likes to be the leader. This can be overt or very subtle, but that is their underlying theme and it will show up in many different ways depending on other astrological influences in their chart. As long as you allow them to be the leader in some part of the relationship, they will feel appreciated, validated and recognized. If you are Capricorn’s partner, you will have to learn how to communicate about any power dynamics; be clear with them when they cross the line, or they will not know when they have gotten out of balance.

Spiritual Health – Capricorns need to feel empowered by their spiritual practice. If they have a spiritual leader or group in their life that is attempting to diminish Capricorns power, this can cause Capricorn to abandon any spiritual practice altogether. But, as long as Capricorn feels that they are free to express themselves and their viewpoint, they would love to participate in group dynamics and spiritual discussions.

Emotional Health – For Capricorns it is all about feeling recognized and this recognition comes through things/accomplishments that they place emotional value onto. As long as they feel that the things important to them (like their interests, goals, titles, awards, accomplishments, etc.) are recognized, they will feel emotionally validated. When Capricorns don’t feel recognized or appreciated, they can become very depressed.

Mental Health – Capricorns have to ensure that they stay connected to reality. If they feel a need to escape from the difficulties of life, they can find themselves with paranoia, or even dissociative disorders. On a more subtle scale, this can show up as loosing touch with what is going on around them and beginning to believe that their own illusions about life are the realities for everyone.

Physical Health – Capricorn can develop physical problems associated with resistance to change. Problems with inflexibility can develop as arthritis and joint pain. Holding on to past emotions can show up as problems with high Cholesterol or even skin eruptions.

Relationship with Food – Capricorns like to have their food prepared a certain way, this is because they enjoy the feeling of home (security) that comes from knowing if they are going to have spaghetti, it is always going to be made with the same sauce. Food represents dependability in their life, and they can be prone to use food as a coping mechanism if they do not have stability elsewhere. Because of this connection to food, Capricorns will always have an opinion of what and where they want to eat. It can be difficult for them to accept the advice of others when it comes to eating habits, because ultimately they will not make a change unless they want to, not just because the doctor recommended it.

Astrology Sign of Capricorn
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