Ruling Planet – Moon

Corresponding House – 4th House

Crystals – Moonstone, Beryl, Ruby & Calcite

Affirmation – “I recognize that what I have in this life is only temporary and I can release all need to hold on to the past and what I feel I need to have.”

Personality Traits – Cancers can be moody. You may not know when or how this will come up, but if it has anything to do with their home, land or family, watch out! Cancers feel a deep connection to those things in their lives and they often have a very specific idea about how their home and family are supposed to be defined. This can sometimes be a very difficult struggle for them; they can even put those things on such a high pedestal that they become unrealistic, or they can fear losing what they have.

In a Relationship – Cancer will need to feel emotionally fulfilled, but the challenge here is that they may not even know what that means to them, or it could be different from day to day. One day they will want to spend all of their free time with you, and another day they will want to sit quietly alone. Communication from a Cancer will be very dependent on how they feel, which may have nothing to do with you. Sometimes treading lightly is required. But, after the smoke has cleared, you can joke with Cancer about how they got upset with you because you had to move their purse in order to clean the kitchen table.

Spiritual Health – Cancers enjoy having a supportive spiritual practice, one that is a mix of a group setting and individual reflection. This allows Cancers to slowly open up and climb out of their shell to share their emotions once they feel safe. If Cancers sense that someone in their spiritual circle is inauthentic, they will start to distance themselves from this person.

Emotional Health – You can be sure of one thing with a Cancer, they will have a reaction. What that may be, will be determined by many factors in their life, including stress, nutrition, food, past life energy and day-to-day occurrences. Of all of the signs, Cancer is one of the most deeply affected by past life energy, and they have to be careful not to get stuck in the emotions of the past.

Mental Health – Cancers would benefit greatly from having regular visits with a counselor or therapist, especially if they do not get this type fulfillment from their spiritual practice. When Cancer is not able to talk about their emotions, this can lead to emotional eating, self-medication with mood balancers, and bipolarism.

Physical Health – Cancers can experience heartburn, heart palpitations, breast conditions, indigestion, malnutrition (due to food addictions) and problems with their spine. Spinal problems are related to becoming too attached to their Cancer crab shell. Digestion issues are from when they take on more responsibilities than they can handle. And, breast conditions, heart palpitations and heart issues can take place if the do not feel recognized and loved (which needs to come from themselves first).

Relationship with Food – Cancer individuals tend to be emotional eaters, either soothing their feelings with food, or with the restriction of food. Cancer people will have to be mindful of their eating to ensure that they do not develop addictive behaviors around food.

Astrology Sign of Cancer
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