Ruling Planet – Uranus

Corresponding House – 11th House

Crystals – Amethyst, Chrysoprase, Apatite & Labradorite

Affirmation – “I allow energy to flow through me. I no longer try to control this energy, or figure out a plan to use it. I connect with others around me, not because I have to, but because it allows for more opportunities in my life.”

Personality Traits – Aquarius can be very detached from the world around them. This can show up as being a workaholic or being very tied to a specific schedule in life. This happens because this is how, on a subconscious level, Aquarius makes up for being ruled by Uranus, the bearer of the sudden and unexpected. Aquarius motto for life might as well be “expect the unexpected,” and they always feel the need to have a contingency plan. But really, they have to learn to not have any expectations at all and go with the flow.

In a Relationship – Aquarius is not going to be the first sign to share their emotions, and they like to take their time to really express themselves on a deep level. But, if you are patient, they are very dependable, loyal and honest partners. Aquarius will find beauty in a daily routine, so if you are a spontaneous person, this difference in viewpoint can be the source of arguments. It is a part of Aquarius’s lesson to learn to go with the flow and to not put energy into anticipating what is going to happen next, but depending on the influence of other planets in their chart, they can be quite reticent when asked to change up their routine.

Spiritual Health – Aquarius needs to be in a group setting. They may not like it at first, but it is the best way for their guard to come down. Aquarius works best in a group dynamic that is part meditation, prayer, or contemplation, and part conversational and active participation. They may be the one who ends up frequently sharing their knowledge with others, but once they let their guard down, they will really begin to absorb what is reflected back by that spiritual group.

Emotional Health – It can take a long time for Aquarius to break down their barriers to others, and especially with themselves. Aquarius is most likely to do what they are “supposed” to do, rather than to actually find out what they want to do. However, when they have that light bulb moment, Aquarius will relish in being their unique self.

Mental Health – If Aquarius’s energy becomes out of balance, they can develop OCD and become overly tied to rituals in their daily life. Aquarius is very heady at times and this can make them feel like no one really “gets” them, even if they never tell anyone how they really feel. Aquarius would also be the one to take over the therapy session from the therapist, because of that deep feeling to have control over their environment.

Physical Health – Aquarius can experience difficulties with their circulatory system and bioelectrical system. This can feel like fits of electricity pulsing through the body, like spasms. This occurs when they have more energy coming in then they are using. Sometimes, with Aquarius, they can be so overly focused on their day-to-day routine, that they forget that they have new and growing energy levels to incorporate into their life.

Relationship with Food – Aquarius can become so detached from what is going on around them that they can forget to eat. Because of that they may have developed a strict time table for eating so they will not forget. For example, they may always have to eat their lunch at 11:30, not necessarily because they are hungry, it is just because they is when they have determined lunchtime is supposed to be. Aquarius can also eat food with a cause, perhaps is it from a certain farm because they support the practices of that farmer, or they only shop at certain stores because they support the way that the employees are treated, etc. For Aquarius, food can be more about the journey to the table, than the eating experience itself.

Astrology Sign of Aquarius
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