Recently I was asked, “How do you give a distance healing?” The first thing to realize is that everyone has healing energy flowing through them. And, before you share that energy with others, you need to feel how your healing energy feels to you. Is it hot, cold, tingly, sharp, heavy? Tune into that energy and just be at one with it for a moment.

Then once you have the energy flowing, say a quick prayer for protection and guidance. You can say something like: “Spirit please guide me during this healing. I ask for the protection and assistance of the Highest of Energies. Thank you.” You will also want to make sure that you are not in an emotional state, you want to simply feel the frequency of peace. Then focus your attention on the recipient of the healing energy. This can be a person, animal, group, city, country or even the world. Use your intent to hold an image of that person in your mind as the healing energy flows from you. As long as you stay focused on the recipient, the energy will be sent to them.

Another beautiful thing about healing energy is that is never goes unused. Even if the person is not aware of it, the energy still brings a sense of peace to them. However, for best results it is a good idea to get permission from the individual first, so that they can take full advantage of the energy as it flows to them.

Once you are connected to the recipient, just let your intuition guide you. You may feel your hands move, or you may be shown different images as related to this person. You can be shown areas of the body, past lives being released, or even colors. For those of you who do not see, you may also feel the energy affect different parts of your body, as your body can become a mirror for the healing recipient.

When it comes time for you to finish, you will feel the energy flow decrease as it comes through your hands. Sometimes at this stage, additional messages are brought forth related to the person and their healing. If you are giving healing for collective groups, like the planet or cities, you just need to trust that the energy will go to where it is most needed.

After the healing is completed, the person can expect a window of time for the energies to be assimilated and then they will begin to feel better. Sometimes as the healing energy is brought in, it can cause a clearing effect; this clearing can be emotional or physical, but only lasts a few days. It is important to note that this clearing is not always present, only if it is necessary for the healing process for that particular individual.

To practice a healing, try to tune into the energy of a loved one when you are away from them. Then, just let the energy flow. When you are done, you can see if they felt anything. Sometimes they don’t and that is just fine. Giving a distance healing is also about trusting that the recipient received what was for their best and highest good, even if you do not get the feedback you wanted. Lastly, don’t forget to thank the Higher Energies for their help once you are done!

Giving A Distance Healing
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