You are Divine. This is not something that can be earned or achieved; it is inherent in every cell of your being. It is who you are.

Over the years you have been repeatedly given subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle messages about how you need to somehow make Spirit happy, to do things to please God, or even to act a certain way as to not cause a Divine Being to be angry with you. But, these messages do not speak to you innate Divinity, for you need to do none of these things. All you need to do is be at one with yourself and this will allow your innate Divinity to shine through.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no specific rewards for doing things “good” and no punishment because you were “bad.” There are simply no judgments of what this “good” and “bad” would be; life is instead a series of lessons, and some may be easier than others.

All you have to do through the course of your life, is learn how to navigate these lessons and make choices. Those choices may assist you, or may make things more difficult; but they are yours to make. You will not earn a trophy or a gold star when you complete a lesson, instead you will be moved to the next point of study.

Each time you move through one of these lessons, you are able to embrace more of your inherent Divinity; able to be who you already are, if you would only believe it. You are Divine; everyone is. Divine Spirit flows endlessly to and through everyone, even those who may not even acknowledge it.

That connection with the Divine is a part of you, indistinguishable from your heart, hair or toes. The more that you accept your true inner power, the more you will find peace, love and acceptance within your life. You are Divine; the more you say it, the more it counteracts all of those conditioned messages of anger, sadness, wrath and shame.

You are Divine; it is your beauty within carrying that spark of Divinity everywhere you go. You can tap into it at a moment’s notice; you can use it to overcome any perceived obstacle. Let yourself bathe in the beauty of your own power, to be an individual, to be unique, to be you. You are Divine!

You Are Divine
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