What does independence mean to you? As many countries around the world celebrate their independence this time of year, it is a good time to stop and reflect on how you feel about your own freedom to be yourself.

During everyone’s life there are times when we look at ourselves and attempt to define the person who we are. How much is a reflection of our parents? Our peers? Our culture? Our beliefs? Our society? When you look at each influence one by one, sometimes you realize how tied in you are to an inherited belief or to a common societal conditioning.

Being free to be yourself is about understanding who you are and how you interact with others around you. Sometimes this is obvious, and other times it can be much more subtle. The best way to find out about any subconscious emotions on this issue of personal freedom is to ask yourself the question: Am I afraid to be myself in anyway? If you feel tightness in your solar plexus chakra when asking yourself this question, then this sensation is telling you there is something there that needs to be looked at.

Sometimes it can be a fear of coming to terms with something about oneself, other times it can be about a fear of judgment or disappointment when discussing a piece of yourself with others. Whatever it may be, know that you deserve to be free, free from any fearful beliefs about yourself.

It is only when you can release the fear, that you can really celebrate your independence as a person. So, take some time today and look at these issues; do some journaling on how you can work through these feelings, if needed. You will find that not only are you more confident in yourself, but also much of the energy of anxiety, fear and worry begins to be released. You are free to be you! Embrace yourself, love yourself and know that you deserve the peace that comes from being at one with you.

Independence Day
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