When you work with the Higher Energies (and everyone can), they communicate messages to you and through you in a variety of ways. We often talk about how trust is such an important factor in this communication process, and it is; but another thing that can also facilitate this communication process is enhancing your own knowledge base.

You may wonder, “Why this is, doesn’t the Universe know everything?” Well, yes they have access to all knowledge, but how can they properly communicate or convey something to us that we do not know? They cannot. This is because they have to use our vocabulary to communicate. The Higher Energies communicate amongst each other and with us through intuition/telepathy. But, because we on Earth, and have these things called words, our communication process must go through the confines of language.

When we learn a new word, it settles into the vocabulary that can be used from our subconscious. When we have the ability to explain a new process or technology, that new knowledge can be used to assist others. And, when we learn a new skill, Spirit can learn that along with us too.

Sometimes you can receive specific intuition about learning a new topic, reading a specific book and so forth. This is all designed to assist you in your communication process. The Higher Energies enjoy communicating with different individuals in ways to best assist their individual understanding, and because of this I can find myself receiving intuition about learning new slang, or keeping up with new technologies.

So whenever you get a piece of intuition about reading up on a new subject or researching something new, go for it. Trust that your intuition is there for a reason; not only are you learning something new in the process, but also you are providing the Higher Energies who you work with more knowledge to draw from when they speak through you.

How Knowledge Assists Intuition
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