Detachment is not an easy thing. It is so hard to watch the people that we love to go through difficult life experiences. But, sometimes detachment is a necessary thing. Why? It allows the person to going through the experience to learn what they need to learn without our interference. Also, it allows us to preserve some of our energy for ourselves so that we can have clarity about what is happening, and not get caught up in emotions.

Detachment is not about ignoring something or pretending it is not there, and it is not about removing yourself completely from someone’s life. So, what is detachment then? Detachment is a step of emotional distance where you separate yourself from what another person is choosing to do. For example, if you have someone whom you care about having problems with addiction, too much assistance often can fall in the unhealthy enabling category. But, when you can have detachment from what they are experiencing, your will be able to gain more clarity about what to do, if anything, for that situation.

Detachment is also a way for anyone to preserve their energy. This is because when you are detached, you only listen to your intuition, not to the emotions of the situation. If we were always to listen to our emotions (or others’ emotions), we would often react unnecessarily, and therefore put out energy that is not going to be used.

This is definitely a fine line to walk, and not easy to do. But, sometimes this is all we can do when we see someone making a series of choices that move them away from being their best self. We also have to remember that we do not know what another person’s path is, and we do not know what experience will be their catalyst for change. By assisting this person today, you might unknowingly be preventing them from reaching their highest potential in the future. Perhaps they needed to be homeless in order to have that experience, and that experience of being homeless would lead them to create an outreach program in the future. We simply cannot know.

Detachment can be used in many cases and it is about letting your intuition, not emotion, lead and guide you to your own highest potential, and letting others experience their life lessons in a way that leads them to their highest potential. Detachment is truly about having unconditional love. Love not in the capacity of enabling, but love in the form of allowing pure energy to flow freely in and around any difficult situation. Love in the form of receiving intuitive guidance and trusting that Spirit has a Divine plan for everyone involved, even if we cannot see it right in this moment.

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