Understanding what compassion means can sometimes be quite tricky. Compassion is about recognizing that each soul is unique and special and that everyone has a specific life path and destiny to complete. This life path is different for everyone, and when we can truly grasp what that means, we can begin to release many of our judgments about others.

It is through compassion that humanity can truly be united. For compassion allows souls to look past the ways in which others would be classified as different, and it allows for individuals to see each soul as a Divine expression of the Ultimate Being. All souls are a piece of the Divine and all deserve compassion.

Whenever you find yourself judging someone, you must remember that the judgment comes from your own experiences, conditioning and past life energy. Those experiences may or may not be aligned with another’s person truth.

If humanity was to expect everyone to think and act the same, how would learning be able to take place? How would things such as empathy, compassion, diversity, equality and unity be able to be understood? It would be quite difficult to learn these concepts, and pieces of the expression of Divine Love, without experiencing their opposing viewpoints as well. Those expressions of judgment, anger, comparison, fear and so forth are also worthy of acknowledgment; for if humanity did not experience these emotions, than souls would not be able to understand what true compassion is all about.

Whenever you find yourself at a point of anger toward someone for having a different view than you, or if someone’s energy causes a deep reaction inside of you, then it’s time for you to explore why that is happening. It is in your illusion that the reaction is taking place, and not necessarily that way for the other involved. So, ask yourself, why does that person or situation make you feel that way? What are you basing that judgment off of? Where does that energy come from?

If you allow yourself to ask those questions as related to the situations and people affecting your life, it will help you be able to move past the emotions and to a place of compassion. Most of the time these souls took on this difficult role to help you to uncover something about yourself that you did not wish to see. When you can get to the point of having true compassion for them, with the total absence of other emotions, then you will know that they have fulfilled the role in your life that they are here to complete.

Compassion is just one part of Love; it is the energy that allows for unconditional love to be possible. And it is compassion that allows each soul to understand another person’s experience.

Compassion cannot happen without a degree of personal detachment, and understanding that individuals are all more than their human visage. Just as you change your clothes each day, the physicality of your life changes from incarnation to incarnation. Just because you have a certain skin color in this life does not mean it was always that way. And this holds true for religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, economic status and all of the other ways in which humanity judges another.

In order to experience and understand the compassion of the Divine Being, all souls must have experiences as all different situations and peoples. So, what you are judging in another person, is really a part of yourself that you do not wish to recognize. Within each soul is a piece of everything, and your outer world is always a reflection of your inner world.

Compassion does not mean being a doormat, or allowing others to take advantage of you. It is merely a lens to view the world out of hope and possibility versus fear and oppression. What we focus on we create more of; so detach from that which does not bring you joy, learn to understand it, and then step beyond it. Just because something fearful or terrible occurs in the world, does not mean you need to define your life because of/in spite of it. By shifting into compassion, you raise your vibration to a place where fear-based energies/emotions have a much harder time holding on to you.

What in your life do you need to have compassion for? What is the Universe trying to show you in the experiences in your life? By understanding and having compassion for others, you will be able to release your own self-judgments and be one step closer to embracing the full beauty of the Divine that is You.

The Path to Compassion
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