Are you giving your power away? You might not even know it. There are so many ways in which we view ourselves through the lens of another. When we do this, we are subconsciously saying that this other person, in some way, has power over how we feel about ourselves.

For example, when it comes to raising a child, many people around you will often give you their thoughts and opinions about how this is the best or that is the best, etc. But, we must remember that any advice given is based on that person’s particular experiences, life lessons and perspectives. And, often we may not share some of those same beliefs.

If we are someone who has a fear of confrontation, or even a fear of speaking up about what we believe, then we can easily let someone over power us. This happens because we do not speak up in these situations, even if it’s just to say “That is not what I believe.” By not speaking up we are telling the Universe on a subconscious level that our happiness or opinions take a back seat to everyone else.

When we are faced with such things, a great way to work though the energy is to ask yourself, what you are truly afraid of in this situation? With the example of raising a child, we could ask ourselves the following questions: What could happen if I tell so-and-so to back off? If they do not respect how I raise my child, am I prepared to tell them how I feel? Often we think that the other person’s response will be far worse than it really is.

This is just our Ego trying to prepare us for the “worst” based on negative expectations from our past lives. Perhaps we are afraid to confront someone because we fear that they will not be in our life, or we feel some sort of obligation toward them in some way. But, if they are not respecting us and our views, why are we still obligated to treat them a certain way?

The Universe always brings us situations to allow for an EVEN exchange of energy, but if we continue to allow a lop-sided relationship/friendship/etc in our life, then we are consistently giving this other person our power, without staking an equal claim it in ourselves. It is in these situations that we are giving our power away.

We are all equal of having love, happiness and respect in our life. But, we have to recognize that we are the ones who decide that. If our life is not a reflection of that equal give-and-take, we need to examine those dynamics and see what we can do to restore the balance of power and control.

Power and Control
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