Just because something is fun doesn’t mean it can’t be a spiritual experience. Many times I see people get tunnel vision when it comes to their spiritual development, and they forget to have fun!! Yes, Fun. We take life too seriously, and the Higher Energies work so hard to get us to lighten up, but until we release this conditioning that learning and understanding the Universe has to somehow be serious, it becomes more difficult for us to truly let go.

They have so much fun on many Higher Dimensions in their down time; laughing and playing jokes on one another. Why do we not do the same? We are often so focused on protecting ourselves from what others may think of us, that we forget to take time to play.

Just the other day when I was out grocery shopping, I had the urge to use an Aloe leaf like a sword. And, instead of over thinking it, I just allowed myself to be in the moment and have a pretend sword fight with my boyfriend in the produce department. Just a few years ago, I would have been worried about getting in trouble or I would have been thinking about what others were thinking of me, but instead I just had fun!

We are always going, thinking, doing, feeling like we have to go from getting one thing done to the next. We keep our minds so busy, that we can actually make it more difficult for our guides to communicate with us.

But, if you allow yourself to play more, you will find that you are in a naturally open and receptive state. When you are at play, it is all your Higher Self; there is no Ego in sight! There is nothing more spiritual that being at one with yourself and being comfortable in that space.

So, the next time you feel the urge to play, do it! Allow yourself that time of joy and connection with your Higher Self. Not only will you be truly living in the now, but there will be a big grin on your face too 🙂

Playtime is Spiritual Too
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