Karma is the law of cause and effect, or as stated in the Bible “for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Karma is neither positive nor negative; it simply is a Universal Law by which all things are governed. Yet, karmic law is given so much energy and so much fear by much of humanity.

Part of this fear stems from many long held beliefs, which have for centuries told souls how to live their lives “or else”. However, the energy of the Ultimate Being and those in the world of Spirit cannot interfere with one’s choices. Karmic Law was actually enacted to keep balance in the Universe as related to the execution of free will, not as a means to dole out punishment.

Imagine if you will an employee that is given no boundaries and is allowed to do as they please. Yes, some employees will be wonderfully self-managed, but many others would be lost, unfocused or could become complacent. That is how one can think if Karma, it is a set of guidelines, like other Universal Laws. These Universal Laws are in place because at the current time, this is what is needed to gently guide humanity through the learning and growth required to transform individuals and the planet as a whole.

Does this mean that one day there will be no such thing as karma on the Earth plane? Yes, souls can progress beyond the need for this concept. However, this does not mean that there will not be some type of cause and effect in place, but it will be much different than the concept you understand as karma today.

The way most people think of karma is as follows: first you perform an action and then the effect of that action is revealed. But, in actuality this is not the case. Both the action and the effect exist simultaneously and therefore if you look at the standard view of karma in reverse, with achieving the effect first and then performing the action, you can see how it is possible to manifest the result you wish.

One such example of this, is how I found a new place to live. First I asked for a new place to us (probably more times than necessary) but then, I let it go. This was the effect that I wanted to achieve, a new place to live with specific features that met our needs. After I let that idea go, sometime later, my intuition informed me of where to look for this new place. This place had already been prepared for us, and because I followed my intuition, I was able to manifest my desired outcome.

This process can be used for anything, but first you must release the conditioned belief that the action must come before the effect. And, I can hear some of you saying, but she did get the new place to live after going to see it. And, on a physical plane this is true. But, there is so much that takes place outside humanity’s physical vision. In fact, the apartment was there for us, before it was even constructed, but we were simply not made aware of it until the timing was supported astrologically.

Karma is not something to be feared, and once you can see that it is not a linear concept, and then you can allow for yourself much more freedom in manifesting your intended effect. The best thing that you can do is, after you set your initial intentions, just release it all. Forget about what you just did. When you try to hold on to the specifics, it is like you are donating your money to someone, but are still trying to hold onto a corner of that currency to maintain some illusion of control. No request goes unheard, and there are even specific Higher Energies whose only duty is to work on honoring your requests.

So now you might be wondering, “why haven’t I received my answer?” Contrary to common beliefs among New Age communities, you cannot always control the timeline of events. This is because before you came down in this incarnation, you asked for a specific birth chart and that chart is your map to your windows of opportunity for one thing or another. This is the most important factor for determining the timing of things. Secondly, when you have a process that involves other people (Such as relationships, work, etc) they have the right to make their own choices too.

There can be two souls who are destined to come together, but because one of them makes the choice to run away from the relationship, this can cause a delay in the other person’s manifestation of a partner. Do know that if this does happen, more opportunities will be presented to you, but you need to relinquish the control when it comes to timing. If you do not let go of the control, you will continue to feel frustrated, impatient and even angry for not manifesting your desires.

Yes, you are in control of what you can manifest. But, you need to release your need to control the when. Once you do that, and can live in a space of total trust of your intuition, then you are poised to be in control of your Karma.

What is Karma?
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