“What are my Gifts?” is probably one of the most common questions that I am asked, and there are many ways that you can find out this information. Before you even ask this question though, it will be important to release any pre-conceived ideas about what you classify as gifts and talents.

Many times the gifts and talents that a Soul has are used throughout their everyday lives in a variety of ways. Some of these gifts and talents can be providing a sense of peace or calmness to others, spreading happiness and joy, being understanding & empathic and even mastering inner awareness. We use our gifts and talents as a part of our Soul Mission, we just don’t always recognize what they are.

Gifts and talents of this nature can be expressed through many jobs, hobbies and interactions. Our gifts and talents are not always our career title, and I find that this is a common misconception.

If you are a Soul who has a gift of spreading happiness, you may work as a teacher, volunteer at an animal shelter, work as a cashier or any other position where you interact with many other souls (human and/or animal).

In the past, I worked as an office manager for a collection agency, and many of the Souls who worked on the phones there had the Soul Mission of spreading happiness. You may wonder how this is so, especially since collection agencies are often equated with angry phone operators and bad morals; but, I saw spreading happiness in action every day.

The most successful collectors were people who would actually make friends with the people on the other end of the line, offering them different arrangements to take care of an outstanding debt. Some of the collectors even received Christmas cards and other nice letters from the people that they helped. This just goes to show the power of positivity can change any situation.

So, how do you know what your gifts and talents are? One way to find out is to look at the activities that you are drawn to. Are you someone whom everyone tells their problems to? Or, do you find yourself more comfortable in solitude? Was there something that you loved to do as a child? This will often be a big clue as to where your gifts and talents lie.

There are also wonderful spiritual tools out there to help you to answer this question. You can meditate on it, look at your Astrology chart, study your Past Life Patterns, or ask someone who can communicate with your guides and read your Akashic Record. Most of all, your gifts and talents will be where you find happiness in your heart. Once you find what it is that makes your heart sing, then you will know that you are living a life aligned with your gift and talents.

Re-Awakening Your Gifts and Talents
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