There are so many fears that are deeply rooted in humanity. Death, illness, violence, abandonment, starvation, etc. Many of these fears are very much related to the survival instinct within us. Long ago the Ego was designed to be the part of us that kept us going when in the face of danger and helped us to forage for food or to defend our land from predators.

Now that we live in a modern society, many of these same themes are not happening at the same level of danger as in our past lives, but the energy remains. Look at the modern way in which the Ego works at defending our territory and you will see everything from road rage to feuding neighbors. Look at the deep fears of starvation and you see overeating and hoarding. Look at the fear of illness and you have germaphobia. Look at the fear of abandonment and you have people unwilling to leave unhealthy relationships and situations.

Now of course, not everything is so extreme, but these behaviors do illustrate how the Ego can take what used to be a very essential behavior and turn it into something that can become detrimental. The key to navigating the balance of Ego and higher self is to maintain awareness of your own thoughts.

How does the internal dialogue feel? Does it seem like all or nothing statements? Is the talk based on limitation? These things are from the Ego. On the other hand, if the words are encouraging and are helping you to face the fears, then this is from the higher self.

Because we carry the energy of both the Ego and higher self with us always, it is about finding the unity that is in this duality. The best balance of both. The Ego has helped us in times of need and it keeps us alive and alert. But, just like anything in life, it can get out of balance and that is when you can feel completely overwhelmed with deep fears and phobias.

One of the best ways to face these energies is to ask questions to yourself about what it is you fear. Why do I fear that? What does it make me feel like? What would I do if that was to happen? By understanding your fears, soon they will not be able to take you by surprise.

Questioning Fear
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