What is reality? There is a saying that, “perception is reality,” and in many ways this is true. Look at all of the different Souls and truths out there in the world. And, if you were to ask each person to provide evidence of their truth, they could do so, or at least what they felt was evidence.

So whose reality is correct? Well, everyone’s is. So, that also means that when we are in our reality, everyone else’s reality becomes our illusion, and our reality becomes their illusion. Make sense?

Let’s picture everyone’s reality as a bubble of energy that is around them at all times, and this bubble, known as the etheric body, contains all emotions, beliefs, experiences and knowledge that this person/soul has. When bubbles overlap, there is a sharing of some of these things, but there will also be differences. Your bubble overlaps with anyone who shares just one belief with you.

Depending on how we participate in the bubbles of other souls, this can flavor how we view our reality. Yes, we all are interconnected, and it is about how you choose to view that interconnectedness that can save you energy or over-strain your energy. If you focus on the differences among the bubbles, this leads to separation consciousness and trying to address each bubble individually. However, if you look at the similarities among the bubbles, then you only have to focus your energy on that specific part of your own bubble and it will affect everyone else who shares those similarities with you.

When you can start to view each person’s bubble in that way, you really start to give a great deal less energy to understanding why someone’s would chose the differences, because you are so focused on the similarities. Trying to convince others to change their bubble is impossible when it is done by pointing out the differences; only the owner of a reality can choose how it appears. But, you can affect change by sending someone Love through focusing on the shared energy among souls; this love, when accepted, can be used as a vessel for change.

Change occurs through shared realities that affect the personal differences that create our illusions. All souls will never have the exact same reality, this is what makes everyone so unique and special, but if we can understand how better to interact with others through our shared realities, we can use our energy wisely to affect the world with Love.

Reality Versus Illusion
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