There is oftentimes a misunderstanding of the concept of power and how to apply it in life. I have heard people say that when they feel threatened than they know that the other person has the power. This is not the case. Every second of our life, we can chose if we maintain our inner power or are giving it away.

When we speak of this concept, we are not taking about having power and control over everything outside of ourselves, but what we are talking about is having the power over ourselves, our emotions, our perception, our viewpoint, etc. You cannot control the price of gas, but you can control how you react to it, how you use it, how you talk about it, etc.

If you keep saying how expensive gas is, then it will continue to be. But, if you say, well I always seem to find a good price on gas, or I have just chosen not to drive as much, then you are in power over your gas situation, and you will find that you do always seem to find a better price. A part of this understanding comes from not giving blame to other things, for if you are blaming things/people outside yourself, then these are the things which have power over you. They have power over you, because they cause a reaction inside of you.

Look at politics. Many people have very strong opinions in this area, and most of these opinions are on how the party that they disagree with is doing things wrong. Every time you talk about those whom you do not agree with, you are giving them power to continue to do the things that you do not wish for. Instead, try talking about how people and causes that you do support are doing positive things to make a positive difference.

If you look in your life and you give your power to how much you do not like someone or something, you will keep drawing that into you life, and as a result the power and energy they they draw off of you will continue to expand. Instead, if you save this energy for yourself, you can use it to manifest what you want and need in life. Otherwise if your energy is focused on what you do not like, you will attract more of the same.

So are you giving your power away to your noisy neighbor, or the politician who you disagree with? Why are they worthy of your power more than you are? They are not. Save your power and energy for yourself and balance speaking your truth with simply not giving attention to things that are not worthy of it. If you are a blamer or complainer, reclaim your power from those things and people that always seem to “do you wrong,” and soon you will find that you had the power all along to be the master of your own life.

Giving Your Power Away
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