What does it mean to express yourself? It sounds quite easy in practice, but the application of it is not always so simple. In order to express yourself, you must be able to determine what is to be expressed. What part or parts of yourself? How will that expression take place? Talking, writing, creativity, movement, exercise?

There is much more to the concept of expression than what is present in the conscious mind at the moment of expression. A personal expression can lead to deeper truths, about yourself, or your surroundings. Expressing yourself can help you to face a fear, or release an old pattern.

There is a part of you that is begging to be expressed at any given moment. Are you going to allow that expression to flow freely? Try your best not to give into the judgment or doubt that can try to kick in.

Everyone expresses themselves subtly in many ways. What are you saying without even knowing it? Sometimes those words and phrases we use over and over again can guide us to what we need to release.

Or, perhaps you have a fear of expressing yourself at all. Look at this fear, what emotions come along with it? What life experiences is this fear based on? Most of the time expression is rooted in worthiness and feeling worthy of being seen, heard, recognized.

Look at that phrase again, “Express Yourself” Why not try it one new way today?

Express Yourself
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