TV for Past Life Exploration

One of the easiest ways to explore your own past life dynamics from the privacy of your own home is through the TV screen. In working with others to help break past life patterns, one of the questions that comes up is how someone can facilitate this work at home on their own. Once of the best ways to do that is to watch programming that is similar to your own past life patterns.

The first step is to uncover your own past life patterns. There are 16 patterns in total; however we typically have between 3 and 5 patterns that we carry through to this life. These patterns are held in varying degrees in our soul memory. Some patterns may be so strong that they show up in all areas of our life, other patterns may only show up in certain situations.

Start by simply reading through the patterns, and see which ones bring up emotion for you. That emotion could be joy, sadness, anger, pride, longing or fear. If you feel a tinge of any emotions when reading about the pattern, then that is your signal that it is a pattern you are holding onto.

Then write down the 3 to 5 patterns that you feel connected to. Look at the strengths you carry from each pattern, and also write down the emotional aspects that you are ready to let go of. For example, if you are the Warrior, you will probably want to hold onto your gift for attention to details, but will be ready to let go of how you can perceive others as your enemy and expectations of conflict.

Now it is time to find some programming that connects with your patterns. The Warrior might want to watch Game of Thrones, Vikings or Spartacus. It will take more than one episode to assist in bring the energy out. A good rule to follow is to watch with emotional awareness. If you feel any emotions when watching the program, then you need to continue to watch the program until you flush that emotion out of you.

When you utilize film and TV in this way, it is acting like a magnet, drawing out all past life energy associated with similar experiences, emotions and situations you have gone through in the past.

For even added benefit, try journaling after you watch the program!

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Past Life Patterns – The Warrior

This is the description of one of the 16 Past Life Patterns. These patterns were developed by Karen Downing, in order to help you understand how past life experiences affect your life today. Each person carries 3 to 5 past life patterns in varying levels of influence. By understanding your unique mix of patterns, you can more easily build up your strengths and transform your challenges. Past life patterns are the key to uncovering your Soul Mission.

The Warrior Description – The Warrior views the world with an expectation of competition, battles and struggle for power. This comes from a predominance of past lives where they had to fight for their lives, their country, or the honor of their family. The Warrior gains confidence by analyzing and neutralizing potential threats (or at least feeling as if they did). Because of their past life patterning, the Warrior has a deeply ingrained expectation of everyone and everything being against them.

For example, in the workplace the Warrior will see their co-workers as the enemy, and diligently focusing their energy at “fighting” against them in some way. The Warrior’s deepest fear is that of showing any vulnerability, as they would never display their supposed weaknesses. The Warrior makes a wonderful parent or spouse, as once you are in their inner circle, they will defend you and be by your side eternally. However, be careful if you upset them, as they can release the force of an entire army upon you, if they feel you have turned against them.

Some of the typical past life experiences of the Warrior are: being a knight, soldier, assassin, ninja, or other type of fighter. If you have deep fear of vulnerability, being killed, showing weakness, not being the best, or appearing “soft”, and worry about safety and security of yourself and your family, then you exhibit the Warrior pattern.

Expression of the Warrior Pattern in Your Life Now – The Warrior is usually a very accomplished person who is able to multi-task and handle many issues in a detached manner. However, they have a tendency to base their actions and decisions on avoidance of their deep inner fears. For the Warrior, these fears run so deeply that they have hidden them from themselves. Many people when talking with the Warrior, would classify them as being confident, competent, and sometimes prideful.

If you express the Warrior pattern, you should be cautious about your inner fears and worries of crime, theft, and other such punishments that were often doled out during times of war. Unless you are living in a part of the world where you are witnessing battles outside of your door, then your feelings of “war” are from your past life experiences. However, another person cannot tell you that there is not a war going on, because you have the potential to see a war everywhere you go. That war could be for anything from a parking spot, to health care, animal rights, to a friend who no longer speaks to you, etc.

Because of the past life pattern of participating in battles, you can have a tendency to view all aspects of your life through the lens of competition and struggle for dominance. Deep down, you may wish to change how you view things, but your observations and opinions always seem to put you right back into a pattern of seeing that power play in your life. For example, if you have a neighbor who you feel is encroaching on your property, you will wage a “war” against them by getting back at them in some way. That way could be through legal channels, by uprooting one of their trees, moving your fence, etc. The Warrior is not satisfied with simply standing their own ground, they often feel compelled to push back against the energy someone else is sending to them, otherwise they will feel that they could appear weak. Extreme expressions of the Warrior pattern can lead to anger issues, paranoia, hoarding, and an inability to trust another person.

There are two ways that the Warrior theme reveals itself; The Peaceful Warrior and the Tactical Warrior. If you resonate with The Warrior pattern, you might discover that you can possess qualities of one, or even both, of the ways that The Warrior is expressed. Often in one area of life you can feel one way, and in another area of life feel another way.

The Peaceful Warrior – The Peaceful Warrior is the observer, gathering information about those around them. They are very quiet and reserved, and typically do not share much about their own beliefs and opinions. They are gathering information for a rainy-day, in case that person should ever wrong them or be in competition with them in some way. This behavior comes from lifetimes of seeing people do bad things to others, and so inside there is an expectation of the pattern repeating itself. The Peaceful Warrior tends to sit back and watch for others to act first. The biggest lesson for the Peaceful Warrior is to stop putting energy into believing that others are the enemy, and to learn that cooperation can be beneficial.

The Tactical Warrior – The Tactical Warrior is living a battle at all times. When they walk into a room they know where all of the exits are and how many steps it takes to get to each one. They spot all security cameras, scope out suspicious individuals, and assess the threat potential in every moment of life. If they feel a situation is not safe, nor to their benefit, they will act immediately to change it. The Tactical Warrior tends to act first, before others can beat them to it. The Tactical Warrior’s biggest lesson is to learn to trust their own intuition, and to let go of the desire to assess, analyze and act. Because of the Tactical Warrior’s on-guard nature, they can also suffer from high blood pressure.

Past Life Pattern Breakdown:

  • Fears appearing weak or vulnerable
  • Expects others to be their enemy
  • Is very loyal to their inner circle
  • Sense of self is based on ability to protect and secure

Affirmation – “I am safe because God watches over me. I release my self-imposed duties of security and observation to Spirit, and trust that my guides will inform me when I need to act.”

Learn more about how the Warrior pattern is showing up in your life by enrolling in the On-Demand video course, Exploring Past Life Patterns.

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