The Ego

by Tas Soul

EGO: The ego feels worthless, poor, weak, vulnerable, a burden, unworthy, fearful, shady, ugly, fat, skinny. The EGO feels ignorant, untalented, unloved, unlovable, unloving. The EGO feels angry and sad all the time, the EGO wallows in grief and victim-hood all the time. The EGO expects negative outcomes to happen all the time, the EGO is so egotistical, insecure, low thinking.

The EGO fears abandonment, ridicule, and attention, all the while wanting to be honored, adulated, and worshipped. The EGO likes to cause controversy and guilt within. The EGO doesn’t want you to grow and live healthy, the EGO wants pain throughout the body and mind.

The EGO wants you in a poverty mind-state full of fear and shame, because the EGO hates itself. The EGO is selfish, swindling, with ill intentions towards you. The EGO wants you to give up, give in and to fail. The EGO pretends to be caring, and self-righteous, all the while harboring hidden pride.

The EGO wants to be rich and wealthy but then wants to complain and say, all the wealth in the world isn’t enough!

The EGO loves being the victim, the savior, the emperor, and the monk, yet it fears failure, and triumph.

The Answer: I will no longer entertain any of my ego’s thoughts, beliefs, or wishes. I am cutting all these chords of attachment in all directions of time, space, frequencies, dimensions, densities, realms, and places that I have no words for.


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Renovating Life in Mercury Retrograde

About 3 times a year, Mercury goes into retrograde motion, appearing to move backwards in the sky. As it does, it can bring about energy of confusion, frustration, and most importantly, reevaluation.

Mercury rules communication, electronics and short distance travel. So, you want to pay special attention to those things during this time. If you want to know how each Mercury Retrograde will show up for you, take a look at where it will be transiting though your personal birth chart.

This particular Mercury Retrograde is in my rising sign of Aquarius, meaning that it is really causing me to reassess how I define myself. Much of that reassessment is coming in the form of how I focus on, brand, and present my business.

This is precisely what Mercury Retrograde is for: to reevaluate and renovate everything that is old and outworn, in order to bring in the new. Some of the changes taking place are shifting me out of my comfort zone, and other changes are long overdue.

Use this time to think about how you can renovate your life, release the old and begin to make way for the new. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you don’t move to quickly. Mercury Retrograde is about thinking things through so that any new direction can be vetted out. But, wait to begin that new direction until after the Retrograde period, or you might find yourself changing your mind a few times.

Mercury retrograde is not the time to sign contracts, make large purchases, get married or create any new business. However, it is a wonderful time to renew, refresh, reorganize, and redesign any of those listed items. You might just discover that it also renews your sense of yourself in the process.

Vulnerability is Strength

During the month of February, much of the Earth plane looks to the energy of Love and what it means for them in their life. One of the aspects of Love that is often not explored is that of vulnerability. For many people, vulnerability is a negative term, and they feel it represents weakness, or being lesser than someone else. However, vulnerability’s true definition is to allow another person to be permitted into your life and heart.

Being vulnerable is letting someone else see you as you truly see yourself. That part is not easy, because the Ego will tell you to hide a certain part or certain experience, to hold onto to secrets, and to prepare for the possibility of being hurt. But, all of these actions are based on fear; fear of abandonment, fear of betrayal, fear of judgment, and so forth.

To allow yourself to truly be vulnerable, to fully open up your heart chakra, and your true essence to another person, takes great strength. It takes the strength to ignore the Ego, strength to communicate without fear, and strength to share all of you without the need to justify yourself.

Many people get down on themselves during this time of year. I know when I was single; Valentine’s Day was a day of distraction and pretending like I was happy. But, that’s the thing; Valentine’s Day is not a day for couples. It is a time to appreciate anyone you love, including yourself. Vulnerability begins with you, being honest with yourself, and understanding all parts of who you are. Every person has “good” and “bad” qualities, usually assessed by the Ego to be categorized that way. We are so conditioned to overemphasize the “good”, and to downplay, or even ignore, the “bad.”

This conditioning is based on the flood of messages we receive in our lives, whether from parents, the media, or our friends. There is always going to be someone else outside of you giving you the message that some part of you is undesirable, but that is NOT the truth. Their comments are only a reflection of their unexpressed fears and doubts about themselves. Only you can accept yourself for who you are, and only you need to do so. Once you have true unconditional acceptance for yourself, only then can you truly open up to love. Love is based on sharing in your vulnerability, sharing in all of who you are, and if you are ignoring or running away from a part of yourself, neither you nor anyone else can truly love you.

Love is about sharing, about feeling true compassion for another person. Love is not about fear. As long as you hold onto your fear, you cannot possess the entirety of love that The Divine Spirit (God) has for you. Look at where your fears lie within. Ask yourself, why do you feel uncomfortable telling others about those things that your Ego deems to be “bad” about yourself? Once you can share all parts of who you are, then can you possess the true strength of vulnerability.